Man Lounges In Gables Fountain

WEIRD NEWS: Someone may have found the Fountain of Youth, but it’s not on Ponce de Leon. On Saturday October 5th, a citizen noticed something odd about a Coral Gables fountain. After a double take, there was a man bathing inside the fountain! The photo was taken at Coral Way and Ferdinand Park.


7 thoughts on “Man Lounges In Gables Fountain

  1. i Agree with Berta and Victor. Let’s all Splash around in the Granada Fountains in a love fest. It’s harmless.

  2. Sad for him, that water is poison it kills the birds and cats that drink it. Homelessness is a crisis all over Miami, even suburban Miami Look at the strip malls on 8 street and NW 7!street each one has a person who lives under the eaves or out back. Let’s not be cruel.

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