Man Lounges In Gables Fountain

WEIRD NEWS: Someone may have found the Fountain of Youth, but it’s not on Ponce de Leon. On Saturday October 5th, a citizen noticed something odd about a Coral Gables fountain. After a double take, there was a man bathing inside the fountain! The photo was taken at Coral Way and Ferdinand Park.


9 thoughts on “Man Lounges In Gables Fountain

  1. i Agree with Berta and Victor. Let’s all Splash around in the Granada Fountains in a love fest. It’s harmless.

  2. I wonder what would Jesus do. We have to have more humanity and feel grateful for all we have.

  3. Sad for him, that water is poison it kills the birds and cats that drink it. Homelessness is a crisis all over Miami, even suburban Miami Look at the strip malls on 8 street and NW 7!street each one has a person who lives under the eaves or out back. Let’s not be cruel.

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