5 thoughts on “Mayor Lago’s Strategic Priorities Plan DRAFT last Updated 6.1.21

  1. A very ambitious and widely inclusive Plan which will benefit all who reside and work in Coral Gables. I applaud the Mayor.

  2. The plan seems to lack developing and encouraging new and existing businesses to move into our community. Also, there is no mention of the impact of high property taxes on our residents.

  3. Your Environmental strategies with the county should include a HUGE endeavor to incorporate sewer in all the residential neighborhoods, the great majority of which use septic tanks. See level rise will affect the city beautiful in the future! A progressive agenda needs to look at this issue ASAP….or we all might get flooded to our knees and it won’t be in water!!

  4. And no more Construction. Any project voted for by any of you will haunt you to the end. Mena is gone anyway but the rest of you will be striked off our City Leadership. That especially includes the Allen Morris project.

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