Neighbor Creates GoFundMe To Help Family After Fire Destroyed Grant Drive Home This Week

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On Monday, April 4th, fire destroyed the home located at 220 Grant Drive in Coral Gables. The home owners were unharmed, but the fire destroyed all their belongings.

As Coral Gables Fire Department posted on its Instagram account, “Coral Gables Fire Units working a Code 1 Residential Fire. Upon arrival the first in companies encountered heavy flames and smoke. E4 made an aggressive interior attack on the fire. The fire was extinguished and no injuries were reported.”

Coral Gables Fire Department photo of the interior of the home after the fire.

In an email to Gables Insider Tuesday night, neighbor Nick Shwaery explained that “everyone got out safely with no injuries, but there was massive damage to the house and possessions. I created a GoFundMe page to help this mother and son. I just created the page and we’re already at $2,500 from our strong community here in Coral Gables. I’m so happy to live in a community that supports one another in troubling times.” At the time of publishing, the GoFundMe has collected $4,670.

The GoFundMe reads as follows: “Last night a fire engulfed the house belonging to school administer, neighbor and friend, Geraldine and her son Greg. Thank God both of them evacuated safely with no injuries, however the fire did massive damage to their house and belongings. Our Coral Gables/Miami community is banding together to provide as much financial assistance as we can in this unfortunate time. Please donate what you can to this wonderful mother and son who need us now. 100% of all money will go directly to them. Thank you and God bless!“

To contribute to the GoFundMe, please visit:


4 thoughts on “Neighbor Creates GoFundMe To Help Family After Fire Destroyed Grant Drive Home This Week

  1. If we know the mother’s sizes and can contribute clothing in outstanding condition, is she willing to accept such contributions? If so, will CGFD serve as repository for such donations?

  2. 4D, if you read the article, it says 220 Grant Drive. I have a feeling Grant Drive is unknown to you because it’s on the South side of US1 and East of 42nd. Does the school where the owner is an administrator really matter? If it’s not in a school with your particular demographic, then is it any less important? You want info, follow this link: Is this image the kind you need to help a couple of your kind “decide things”?

  3. Please say where the house is (“Grant Drive” is unknown). Say the school at which the owner is “Administer”(?). That’ll help a couple of us decide things.

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