New Dining Spot On Giralda: Craft Opens In Coral Gables

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Looking to try a new dining spot in the Gables? Head out to 127 Giralda Avenue for Coral Gables’ newest restaurant, Craft.

An Argentinian family-owned restaurant, Craft, has made its way from Argentina to Coral Gables, providing diners a great new option when out on the town in Coral Gables.

Craft’s owner, Nicolas Fanlo, explains that his family had often traveled to South Florida and frequented Coral Gables for dining. Coral Gables was an obvious choice for them when deciding where to open their first United States location. The owners have five locations in Argentina.

Craft will be open for breakfast and brunch and their menu includes several great options such as Eggs Benedict, Ham & Cheese Croissant, Homemade Granola, Pancakes, Loco (Waffle, fried chicken, watermelon, greek yogurt, sriracha and maple syrup), Morado (sourdough, beetroot hummus, grilled asparagus, goat cheese and balsamic glaze), Potato Rosti (avocado, crispy bacon, poached egg and tomato relish) and their Breakfast Burger which comes packed with bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and tomato relish.

Their starters include Garlic Pizza Bread, Garlic Prawns, Goat Cheese Croquettes, Truffle Fries, Beetroot Hummus and the Americana (fries, cheddar cheese, bacon and green onions).

The restaurant is equipped with a wood burning oven to make some incredible Neapolitan Pizzas like the Argentina Pizza, Avocado Pizza, Caprese Pizza, Fugazzeta Pizza, and Hawaiian Pizza just to name a few.

Looking for a health option? Craft has you covered! Try their Baked Salmon Salad, Garlic Prawns Salad, Pulled Pork or Falafel Salad or their Roasted Pumpkin Salad.

They also offer a list of organic smoothies and fresh squeezed orange juice. Wine cocktails are also available.

And save room for a Nutella pizza with strawberries for desert or their sticky toffee pudding with ice cream and butterscotch sauce.


7 thoughts on “New Dining Spot On Giralda: Craft Opens In Coral Gables

  1. Agree with John’s comment. What a bunch of negative comments from folks that have probably not even given the place a try. Kudos to business owners that are taking a risk to start a business during a difficult economy and getting out of the bleachers to at least get on the field. I definitely look forward to trying it and enjoying the great atmosphere that Giralda offers.

  2. I’m a little surprised by the negativity of these comments. In a pandemic where independently owned businesses are closing at a rapid fire pace and being replaced by corporate giants, it speaks volumes that Giralda is attracting new businesses. I look forward to riding Freebee over to Giralda to enjoy good food and atmosphere, while supporting the local economy. Good luck!

  3. Wow! We should be congratulating the new owner and wishing him well.

    On the other hand Coral Gables should restrict the noice level of all of that music blasting out on Giralda Ave. My husband and I won’t go there because it is too noisy and feels like a food court. The City should enforce an environment that is inviting.

  4. Same old, same old. Just pricier. Besides, who’s going to sit out there on Giralda to pay for an overpriced meal while the music is blasting all around you at 85 decibels?
    Things must be even worse in Argentina.

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