New Parks Master Plan Coming, Have You Given Your Input?

Coral Gables has always been known for its beauty and trees. Part of this beauty comes from great parks throughout the City.

Earlier this year, work began on a new set of Master Plans for Parks and the Youth Center. In May, three neighborhood community input meetings took place in different locations around the City. The second tier was an online survey available to all who wanted to share their thoughts. Now, we are in the final input stage which was in the form of surveys mailed to a set of targeted households with a list of questions about parks and recreation.

“This survey is part of the first phase of the Parks and Youth Center Master Plan that primarily focuses on the needs and priorities of the Community.  The City is in the process of developing two new Master Plans, one will focus on the future of Community Recreation as a whole and the other will focus exclusively on the Youth Center.  Most Master Plans serve as a fifteen year implementation plan, with updates to the plan every five years,” said Carolina Vester, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director. She added, “The completion and data collected of these surveys are critical to the next phase of the two Master Plans, which is the Master Plan Vision.  The Visioning Workshop cannot take place if the required data on what the community wants to prioritize and needs has not been collected.”

Surveys must be returned in the paid postage envelopes within two weeks.

Click here to see a copy of the Survey.


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