OPINION: An Open Letter To The Residents Of Coral Gables

By: Maria C. Cruz

Our City is at a crucial moment in its history. What we, the residents, do now will determine the legacy we will leave for our children and grandchildren. We can’t expect everything to be o.k. unless we make the right decisions. As I write these lines, I ask myself a very poignant question, What would George do? Would he have allowed someone who has consistently supported the over development  of our beloved City Beautiful to become our Mayor? Would he have looked the other way and ignored the lies that her campaign is spouting to confuse the electorate? Would he have supported someone who as a sitting commissioner disrespected our residents? Would he have voted for someone who has shown complete disdain for us? I know in my heart of hearts  that the answer is NO! George would have never betrayed his ideals. 

Would George have buckled under the pressure of the ill intentioned media trying to affect  the results of our elections at the eleventh hour? Would he have backed off what he thought was right under pressure? the answer is NO! George would have never betrayed his ideals. 

Would he have allowed people who have never had the interest of “his City” in mind to come out of the woodwork and proclaim that living here all their lives makes them the best candidates?  Would he have supported anyone who has only benefitted from our City to represent all of us?  Would he have considered having political connections what qualifies anyone to make decisions for our future? Would he have considered anyone without any involvement in our City a qualified candidate? I know in my heart the answer is NO! George would have never betrayed his ideals. 

These are some of the questions I would have loved to ask George and After giving the matter much thought I believe I know the answers! I have no doubt that he would have told  us to disregard all the falsehoods and innuendos. I clearly see that he would have told us to choose candidates that have shown us to be honest and transparent while serving our City. Candidates that would not be afraid to stand for what is best for Coral Gables! Candidates who really have the best interest of the City Beautiful in their hearts!

I know that Our George, the one who had the vision to create Coral Gables, would join me, a retired educator, a resident who has fought and will continue to fight  many battles to keep our City the way he envisioned it,  and would respectfully  ask that you  vote for Vince Lago for Mayor as well as Javier Baños and Rhonda Anderson for Commissioners. Let’s do it for our beloved City Beautiful!  Let’s do it for the Coral Gables of George Merrick!  Let’s make George Merrick proud!


9 thoughts on “OPINION: An Open Letter To The Residents Of Coral Gables

  1. Maria C. Your opinion is just that, an opinion. You are correct that George would have never betrayed his ideals. In fact he pushed for segregation until the day he died. So with all this the city still whitewashes who George was. He was a developer and a racist. Development and racism. Is this what we are trying to get back to in the city?

  2. Great question Jen. Maria is very close to Ariel Fernandez who runs this blog. Ariel is openly helping Joe Carrollo’s cronie Javier Baños with his campaign. He is also close to Vince Lago. You will notice this blog has never once never said a negative thing about Lagos. Even now they haven’t said anything about the scandal surrounding his letter asking a school not to teach about systemic racism, instead choosing to publish an “opinion” piece by Lagos’ and Baños’ close friend Cruz. This is basically Lagos and Baños’ propaganda blog. They should change the name to the Gables Granma.

    The funniest thing about the opinion itself is that it asks what a real estate developer would think about all this development! Is that crazy or what? Merrick would love the development and growth of his planned city. And as an aside, let’s just say he would love Lago’s views on racial issues.

  3. Totally agree with Maria. Vince Lago has stood alone in defending the overdevelopment of our beautiful city. As someone suggested in a prior comment that he benefitted from developers being an engineer, then why is he the only one voting against these proposals. Think about it, Pat Keon has voted for every overdevelopment project proposed before the commission, she must have a very healthy bank account!
    As for Vince Lago having his children in a private school, fortunately we live in a free country, and we are able to choose what is best for each of our children. Not all children fir in the same locked box. So if this is what is being suggested, then all public officials including out Presidents are guilty of the same “crime”.
    Mr. Lago IS NOT RACIST. This is the new card, used by dirty, underhanded politicians, knowing this is the latest woke term used to throw dirt on their opponents, whether true or not, knowing that there are many gullible people that will believe this untruth without even investigating the the charge, creating racism where there is none, and creating more division! I for one WILL BE VOTING FOR THE BEST CANDIATE FOR MAYOR…Vince Lago!

  4. Shouldn’t Vince Lago, as a candidate for Mayor be sending her kids to a Coral Gables Public School rather than an elitist Catholic School in Coconut Grove? Doesn’t seem to be trusting there education in his own city. Lead by example…

  5. Although I am not officially endorsing any candidate [as president of the Historic Preservation Association of Coral Gables– a 501c3 nonprofit– I must abide by its guidelines] several “preservation points” can be considered as election day draws near. Number [1] Who will be a good steward of our city’s historic heritage? Number [2] Who will champion the official designation of Miracle Mile as a historic district? Number [3] Who will prioritize the long overdue restoration of the few remaining [and quickly deteriorating] Merrick-commissioned White Way streetlights? Number [4] Who will bring a paradigm shift to city decisions when thinking about sustainability and the environment? Number [5] Who will embrace the 2021 Pritzker Prize winners’ philosophy of “never demolish, never remove or replace, always add, transform, and reuse….demolishing is a waste of energy, a waste of material, and a waste of history…” and thus consider a pause in demolition and development? Number [6] Who will be best to lead the city in its upcoming 100th anniversary of its founding? George Merrick is watching. You decide.

  6. Thank you Jen. We appreciate your suggestion. We will be making some changes in the coming months and will work to incorporate your suggestion. We appreciate your readership and support. – Gables Insider

  7. Who is Maria C. Cruz? I would prefer if opinion pieces contained a little blurb about the author at the bottom of the column–just as there would be at the tail end of an opinion piece published in a newspaper.

  8. Very well articulated by Maria. We keep electing candidates without properly vetting them by falling prey to media disinformation. Few even vote. The same ex- mayors who continually supported and enabled unnecessary development over the years are now endorsing a candidate. Are our residents so gullible so as to vote for candidates who are endorsed by firefighters or police unions.
    I wholeheartedly support and endorse Maria’s choice of candidates.

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