Parents Survey On School Reopening Now Available

The period for parents of Miami-Dade County Public School students to select their preference for the 2020-2021 school year has begun.

Parents have until July 10th to review the different models and take their individual survey.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools said the following to describe the process:

“In light of all the guidance we have reviewed and the information provided to us via survey from stakeholders, M-DCPS has identified four key principles to guide our approach for reopening schools.

Through its reopening plans, M-DCPS strives to:

  1. Ensure the safety and wellness of students and staff
  2. Deliver high-quality instruction to students
  3. Provide parents flexibility and choice in instructional delivery models
  4. Optimize use of resources

Our approach to opening schools has been a collaborative effort, as we gathered feedback from parents and teachers to inform how we approached reopening. Survey results clearly indicated that parents want choices for their child’s instructional model: face-to-face, online, or a combination of the two. This feedback informed our instructional model design. The two options listed below indicate the opportunity for you, the parents, to choose the instructional delivery model you feel most comfortable with and in which your child will be most successful. We believe strongly that there is an option to meet everyone’s needs.”

The reopening of schools relies completely on the county, as the plan will not take effect unless Miami-Dade County is in Phase II of reopening, which recent rollbacks to the reopening plan have placed that in question.

Parents should visit: to participate in this survey.


5 thoughts on “Parents Survey On School Reopening Now Available

  1. Yes there is a virus and guess what: it wont go away. We need to take precautions, staY clean etc, but do you know what else is a farce?: online kindergarten! Kids are loosing the motivation, there is no class whatsoever, everything is just parents talk with teacher and 1k questions, my child is wondering if this is school.i say no class in person no money or salary for anyone. I list my job and now attending “ kinder class” Teachers are afraid to get sick, but while they are now very well protected in their houses “teaching?” We as parents have no job to sustain families because we are giving our time to the teachers. I hope the doctors and supermarket workers will claim the same. THE STUDENTS NEED SCHOOLING!!

  2. I am not comfortable with my child attend in school class at this time. The virus is at and all time high. The C.D.C still don’t give the ok.let’s see the best way .the most important thing is to keep the children like to play social distance not gonna work for most of them

  3. Schools shouldn’t be reopen into all they schools is clean from top and bottom COVID-19 is nothing to play with do you have to think about this life and Health and people and life schools schools should not reopen because of the COVID-19 is very serious schools need to be clean top and bottom bleach Schools down before reopening this school A lot of kids have health problems Everyone life is Important so schools shouldn’t reopen so fast

  4. The idea that schools can physically reopen and ensure safety is a farce. School leaders prattle is just that – lip service. I work in a school and there is absolutely NO WAY to “social distance.” All the precautions the superintendent says are being taken look fine on paper, but in reality they won’t work. If indeed we are to return, what happens when a student or staff member becomes ill? We need to quarantine for 14 days. Every student and teacher that came in contact with the person that fell ill will need to quarantine. At the middle and high school levels that is about 150 students and 7 teachers. This could potentially be repeated over and over! This virus has brought hardship to all of us, and yes, some more than others. We all want things to “get back to normal.” However, a sense of “normalcy” can not possibly be obtained at schools in the current situation, and sending students and staff back into a brick and mortar scenario will put everyone at high physical risk and ensure extraordinarily intense levels of stress and anxiety for all.

  5. The Miami-Dade school system, the county, the state have not met CDC standards for reopening. In Dade there has been a spike in cases for 2 weeks. There is no vaccine and little medicine. The State Government has washed its hands of the problem. Yet we want to sent our children back to where the virus spreads the most. Enclosed places. I just do not get this reasoning.

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