Preview August 27th Commission Agenda Items and Comment

The next City Commission Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 27th starting at 9:00 AM at City Hall located at 405 Biltmore Way
Coral Gables, FL 33134.

Quick Highlights:

  • Art In Public Places
  • Increase in Gulliver Student Enrollment
  • Discussion on Polystyrene and Plastic Bag Litigation
  • Valet Parking Discussions in Central Business District
  • Extending Trolley Service Hours to Include Weekends

You can view the entire agenda and comment in advance by Clicking Here

You can view the meeting LIVE by Clicking Here


1 thought on “Preview August 27th Commission Agenda Items and Comment

  1. Why are we spending taxpayer money on lawsuits that are futile and are really not going to help us be “green”? Why not spend the money on educating the public? Go to the Publix in Pinecrest and you will see that most of the shoppers now bring their own cloth bags. Same with Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. Banning plastic straws and other plastic is stupid. Who uses a straw at home? Almost non one. So why should they be used outside the home. Educate the vendors and the consumers. A much better approach. Have a booth at the art fairs and sell or give away bags.

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