Restaurants Reopen At 50% Capacity

On Monday, August 31st, restaurants in Coral Gables reopened following months of closed dining rooms.

Following a reduction of the positivity rate, Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez authorized the reopening of restaurants throughout the County.

For local restaurants like Bellmónt Spanish Restaurant on Miracle Mile, the reopening is a blessing.

“For all of us, specially those who have been severely affected by this global health and economical crisis, I truly believe there will be better times, better people, better conditions, more humanity, more solidarity, more empathy, more understanding each other, to become better. From Bellmónt we can only say we will fight for it with all we’ve got. It can only get better.” said Bellmónt’s owner, Sergio Catalina Bellmónt.

Restaurants will be required to maintain a maximum 50% capacity, no more than 6 people per table, doors and windows must remain open to ensure proper ventilation, along with air conditioners and fans being on. Bars remain closed and masks must be work while patrons are not in the act of eating or drinking.


2 thoughts on “Restaurants Reopen At 50% Capacity

  1. It is about time. It is ridiculous that you can get a tattoo, your nails done, a haircut, etc but heaven forbid! you want to get a nice dinner at a restaurant?? No way!

    let’s grow up folks.

    And also realize, it is the people that abuse the system that are causing the issues. And, statistically, it is people who have underlying health issues, are obese, smokers, old with compromised health already. Let’s get on with life!!1

  2. I don’t believe that social distancing and masks will be worn. Every time things are loosened up, there will be people who abuse the privileges and ruin it for everyone else. Not to mention they could spread Covid and cause people to die.

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