Runoff April 27th; Ballots Will Be Mailed Today

On April 27th, the City of Coral Gables will have a runoff election to elect two new members to the City Commission.

The Department of Elections has confirmed that vote by mail ballots will be mailed today and will be arriving at homes tomorrow and Wednesday.

Residents are being advised to return the ballots in person, when possible, to the drop box at the Coral Gables Branch Library (3443 Segovia), to ensure any delays in the mail. The drop box will be available from 7:00AM to 7:00PM on Saturday and Sunday, April 24th and April 25th.


Early voting will take place from 7:00AM to 7:00PM on Saturday and Sunday, April 24th and April 25th at the Coral Gables Branch Library (3443 Segovia).


Election day is April 27th from 7:00AM to 7:00PM. Voters must go to their assigned voting site.


As Commissioner, I will continue the work I have done for 16 years (see and I will:

Patiently listen and address residents’ concerns at meetings, weekly “office hours” and during monthly group brainstorming sessions.
Ensure that over-sized development stops by amending zoning incentive programs encouraging larger buildings with minimal set back.Repeal ordinances that eliminate notice requirements for “as of right” commercial development and clearly post all commercial projects on the City’s website.
Increase traffic enforcement and traffic calming.
Ensure the Police and Fire departments have sufficient personnel to handle the increased demand resulting from new buildings.
Require residents’ permitting applications receive the same priority as developers. Expedite electronic permitting.
Revitalize downtown, provide dedicated Freebie service at parking garages, and expand Freebie/Trolley services.
Add neighborhood parks, dog parks and expand/maintain tree canopy.
Improve drainage, advance septic/sewer conversion.
Avoid wasteful spending.

I am a retired Bank President, an experienced community advocate in health, education, and the arts, in addition to being a long-time resident of Coral Gables.

I am uniquely qualified to bring a different perspective to the commission with my financial and business expertise. I am retired, and I pledge to make the commission my full-time endeavor.

I want to ensure that the city optimizes its resources to invest in our infrastructure and provide a positive, long-term strategy. I prioritize green spaces, community parks, historic charm, cultural arts, safe streets, and a walkable and scalable community.

I pledge to govern collaboratively, prioritize communication with residents, and focus on financial and environmental stewardship.

I am running for the City Commission to provide financial oversight and ensure that the local community remains at the heart of our actions. I hope to earn your trust, confidence, and vote.


My wife and I moved to the City Beautiful 11 years ago to build a home with our children in the premier historic enclave of South Florida. The goal of my campaign is to be a voice for moderation, to curtail the abuses, and preserve the original vision of the City Beautiful, while expanding and improving city services.

My over 20 years of experience as a Certified Public Accountant and attorney, as well as the manager and advisor for over 100 hundred of small businesses, including my own, puts me in the unique position to best serve the interests of Coral Gables residents.

After more than 15 years on city boards, I want to continue my service as an advocate for residents and change the conversation in the Commission to focus its legislative priorities in the financial challenges of the future, such as sea level rise, while maintaining the cultural heritage of our foundational principles. I welcome residents to call me at 305-519-5581.

I am a lifelong resident of Coral Gables since 1962 and a graduate of Gables High, Class of 1980. I coached at the Coral Gables Youth Center for over 25 years, served on the Youth Center Board since 1992 and served our community tirelessly for 40 years.

I have extensive experience in Government Affairs advocating before local, state and federal government to bring legislative and financial relief to South Florida especially to those in need.

As Commissioner, I will brush politics aside and humbly serve our community. Our kids will have ample parks to play in, our seniors will never be alone, our residents will have a “seat at the table”, our septic tanks will stop contaminating our aquifers, and I will not support variances to increase the height of new projects beyond what the Code allows.

“Before you can lead, you must learn how to serve.”

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  1. Kirk Menendez,
    What is the plan for preventing our septic tanks from contaminating our aquifers?

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