School PTSAs And Gables Insider Partner To Sponsor Virtual Candidate Forum

On Thursday, March 18th at 7:00PM, the George Washington Carver Elementary School PTA, Ponce de Leon Middle School PTSA, Coral Gables Senior High School PTSA and Gables Insider will be holding a virtual candidate forum.

The forum will present residents with the opportunity to hear from candidates for Mayor and Commissioner in Groups II and III in the upcoming April Coral Gables municipal election.

The forum will be moderated by the Coral Gables Neighbors Association’s Elections Chair, Samuel Joseph and will offer simultaneous translation to Spanish.

The forum will be presented via Zoom. Residents interested in participating can register by clicking here.

To submit questions for the candidates, please email:
[email protected].


6 thoughts on “School PTSAs And Gables Insider Partner To Sponsor Virtual Candidate Forum

  1. There is no other forum for sharing what I have to say, so I am using yours to get my thoughts across. This election is seeing some dirty politics and I am ashamed this is going on in Coral Gables. We want to know the candidates position on certain issues, especially development. Keon has used many avenues to slander Lago’s name and claiming that he is development supportive is out of line. SHE is the one who has voted almost every time with our arrogant Mayor Valdes-Fauli for growth and development. She is a supporter of the Miracle Mile project. Lago is in support of the people and understands what Coral Gables is. The blame for Matheson West parking signs have been placed on him. This was so wrong. All he did was ensure that people were not parking on private lawns, which is what was happening. He is not against the park usage from any angle, but the politics have been trying to smear him as he is. I have nothing personally to do with Lago, no relationship, nothing. I am a resident of Coral Gables for 31 years and I believe he is the best to lead us into the next few years. Keon’s emails also show no regard to what people think and what we write her about. There is no understanding as she feels she should decide what we need or should have. You get what you vote for.

  2. All candidates were provided with our media kit. Some have paid for advertising on Gables Insider, while others have not.

  3. Is this a forum for all candidates? If so, why are you showing “ads” for some?

  4. Good morning. Not sure what comment you are referring to. We have checked all comments posted by you, the only one about connection issues was approved the same day.

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