Sunshine Meeting On Development Set For June 14th

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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As discussed at the last City Commission Meeting, the City Commission has decided to hold a sunshine meeting to discuss development in Coral Gables, at the request of Commission Rhonda Anderson.

The meeting will take place on June 14th at 7:00PM at the Police and Fire Headquarters’ Community Meeting Room (2151 Salzedo, First Floor) and can be attended in person or via zoom.

The official invitation can be seen by clicking here.

Residents will have the opportunity to participate and share their thoughts, as well as ask questions.


9 thoughts on “Sunshine Meeting On Development Set For June 14th

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  2. Coral Gables, the city beautiful, is losing its charm due to all these new developments that NONE of its citizens want. How many empty recent developments are there? One of the great things about the gables is the greenery and the fact that there is history and charm. High rises only block the sun to the beautiful streets and cause traffic. The proposed plans on Malaga and Santander will create a HAZARD to the Youth Center a street over. Think of how may more cars will be zooming so close by to children. Think of what makes the gables great? The walkability, the beautifully tree-lined streets, and the fact that we have a “downtown” away from residential houses where people can congregate. High rises bring light pollution, traffic, noise pollution, construction that will last for years on narrow streets, the list goes on. Please reconsider for those who already live in the gables and not for prospective tenants who will constantly be turning over.

  3. Supply & Demand. When supply goes up, values go down.

    Residents of Coral Gables have something of unique value. We have a beautiful City that is not over-run with development, although that’s were we all are headed. Other part of Miami have already been taken over by developers and now there is now where else for them to go except to the Gables which is the last precious commodity remaining. Each project brings with them at least over 250 units, and there are many in the pipeline.

    All of this only dilutes THE PRODUCT. What makes Gables a gem is it’s scarcity. Developers will just build and build, creating more supply and impacting the quality of life of current property owners. It’s like having a exclusive club / resort, and suddenly bringing in everyone in … the quality will decline and so will our product.

    We should keep it scarce and whoever wants in will have to pay top dollar because the Gables protects their product and doesn’t let it get diluted.

    This would increase everyone’s property value if developers aren’t allowed in to ruin the city. Gables will remain the last area of Miami left not taken over and sold off. It’s easy to see that over development and increase traffic and population will have a negative effect on values. More people, more traffic, more everything. Just do the match. Count the total number of projected units with all the projects in the pipeline. All these traffic studies being done yet none look at the full picture. The only winners are the developers who make a fast buck and move on to the next location. Leaches.

  4. Now that Coral Gables is considering burying power lines, developers should be assessed a fee to mitigate the costs associated with this endeavor.

  5. Developers should have more stringent procedures and codes than the citizens. 1. They are building for the masses (residential & commercial). 2. 10 years later these buildings have not been maintained, deteriorate and financially the city looses out. 3. Developers use our good name and reputation…. At the mercy of the TAXPAYORS, walk away with profits to invest somewhere else. The city temporary profits but the big profits from the developers go away. Developers should reinvest the majority of their profits back into this city and should have an escrow account to pay for the renovations of their buildings for decades to come.

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  7. We the residents of Coral Gables pay additional property taxes to Miami-Dade County, $ 860 to collect the business from trash and recycle, that fact of manual collection is an outrageous slavery for each other to be unaccountable before 1776, and we are financing them at the lust of the apartment building developers, that a sanctuary for the benefit of the developers and bank, which is only for rent, it is time for coral gables to mechanize garbage collection and recycling, and only authorize apartment buildings to be sold , and suspend all development of rental buildings.

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