The Difference Between PCR And Antibody COVID-19 Testing

The City of Coral Gables began its COVID-19 testing on Friday, and hundreds of residents have already requested they be tested.

However, many have asked about the type of test the City is performing. Is it a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test or an antibody test?

Like many government agencies, the City of Coral Gables is performing PCR tests. PCRs use the person’s mucus, taken from the nose or throat. It will determine if the patient currently has the virus.

Antibody tests are taken from blood or plasma samples and measure IgG (Immunoglobulin G) and IgM (Immunoglobulin M) antibodies. These antibodies show up at different times following the initial onset of the virus. IgM antibodies can be traced as soon as 7 days after presence of COVID-19, while IgG can be traced after 14 days of its onset.

The City of Coral Gables is currently offering PCR testing only, but antibody testing is currently being discussed.


10 thoughts on “The Difference Between PCR And Antibody COVID-19 Testing

  1. I agree that people should not go for the PCR testing unless they have symptoms or know for a fact that they have been exposed but have no symptoms. I also think that having the antibody test is an excellent idea. Gables residents should participate in this discussion by going to the Commission Meeting, by Zoom, of course, this coming Tuesday. It is my understanding that the PCR test is available once at no charge to Gables residents, and it is more expensive than the antibody one, $75 to $30 ?, so I don’t see why the Commission couldn’t offer an either/or choice to us. Please get involved and let your elected officials know how you feel about it.
    Remember that elected officials are the ones who make the decisions and then direct the administration to take care of it. All of them work for us and we should let them know what we want.

  2. residents
    please remember that if you don’t have symptoms, and you are tested for the only reason of that the test is available, that is a bad reason. You can be negative one day & positive 2 days later. save the test kits for persons high risk and with symptoms,please.
    i believe soon their will be a covid shot, much like the flu shot. That everyone should receive, as covid is not going to just go away, i believe their will be strains and then new strains, as the flu, we have flu every year some years thousands die, other years not as many.
    be smart. be aware and use common sense. you can’t stop living.

  3. I find the antibody test of greater value unless, of course, the person has covid-19 symptoms and needs to know if he has the virus. Knowing if we have the antibody would take away the fear of resuming normal life. Knowing that I don’t have the virus today does not protect me from getting it tomorrow.

  4. Hello, where is the test being done in the Gables? I would like to be tested.


  5. Good day and thanks for the info . Keep us informd as of when the “antibody test” will be available and if there will be any out of pocket exoense. WE already had the PCR test.


  6. Please move to adding anti-body testing as well. It is important that we have both.

  7. As a resident of Coral Gables, I think its important that we also have antibody testing. Thank you.

  8. I was a resident for 3o years just moved to Coconut Grove 2 years ago Can I get tested??

    if so where and when???

    I feel like I had this in January so I am interested in the Antibody test where do I get thea//

  9. Everyone who gets a PCR test should automatically be required to get the anti-body test so they can give plasma if there is need for sick patients.

  10. Would like to test for the antibody test once it becomes available.

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