Three Canes Drafted In 2021 MLB Draft

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
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Adrian del Castillo – Arizona Diamondbacks – 2nd Round

Adrian del Castillo was the first of this year’s Hurricanes to have his number called. I can not say that I am very happy with his selection coming in the second round. Here was a talent that should have gone high in the first round and I blame it partly on the coaches for not seeing his performance falling off this year and not doing anything about it. The year off from COVID, I have no knowledge what transpired in his maintaining his training, but it became evident that he was not the same player as we were amazed with prior to COVID. His stats might be acceptable to the average player, but he was in a class by himself and definitely not average. Prior to COVID, his overall performance put him into a superclass and this year he struggled at the plate with numbers that for him had to be disappointing. 

Going to the worst team in the majors might be just what he needs to make  himself be noticed and be brought up sooner rather than later. What he lacked in coaching at Miami hopefully he will find in Arizona and bring him back to his former greatness that he had in his first two years at the Light. 

As one  my favorite player over the course of his time playing at Miami, from the first day I saw him during the fall preseason of his freshman year, I had him tagged as top ten going in the first round. Watching him this year, it was Big Brother who stole the spotlight and was never fully recognized for his contribution to this year’s team. They were an awesome twosome that could have been so much more. Adrian will get a second chance to prove that I was right and the scouts wrong in him not being selected higher in the draft.

Jake Smith- Arizona Diamondbacks – 6th Round

Jake Smith joins his Adrian as a Diamondback being selected 171 overall in the 6th round. Jake had an incredible year joining the team this year working himself up through the ranks from BP to one of the best weekend starters. in a year where we could not find consistency in any of our starters, he became the exception. He led the team in strikeouts holding hitters to a .216 average. Again with good coaching, expect to see him also making a rapid rise through the ranks and making it to the Big Show. Would be nice see both working together once again bringing a bit of the Light to Arizona.

Antony Vilar – San Diego Padres – 15th Round

With the clock winding down, Anthony Vilar was selected on the final day, round 15, by the SD Padres. His stats with the Canes over a 3 year period was impressive starting in every game mostly at 2B. Did see  action on the left side of the IF last season for the injured Freddy Zamora, but  mostly was the staple at second. Like several of the player coming off of the COVID season,he had a very poor start of going 1-16, but then found his niche and quickly turned his game around for the remainder of the season. Known for making the impossible plays possible, his glove at second was rock solid.  Don’t know if he ever played catcher in his career, but that is what the Padres picked him up for.

All three now set their sights on joining the Big Show in fulfilling their lifelong dreams.


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