Tips Lead To Detention Of Two Female Subjects From Weekend Graffiti Spree

On August 23, 2020, at 12:56 a.m., three male subjects were captured on video defacing several locations throughout the city and at the Coral Gables Youth Center, 405 University Dr. As shown in the video footage, there was also two female subjects involved in committing these crimes.

The Coral Gables Police Department received several tips leading to the identity of the two female subjects involved. The first female subject is identified as Ariela Rebeca Hurtado, DOB 07/22/1995 of Miami. The second female subject is identified as Andrea Rodriguez-Castillo, DOB 12/03/1995 of Coral Gables. Detectives detained both female subjects at the Coral Gables Police Department and will continue the interviews at a later date. Charges against the identified subjects are currently pending.

The Coral Gables Police Department is thankful for the help of the community in this investigation and is still seeking the public’s help in identifying the male subjects pictured. Anyone with information about the identity of the male subjects is asked to contact the Coral Gables Police Department at 305-442-1600 or Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477 (TIPS).


32 thoughts on “Tips Lead To Detention Of Two Female Subjects From Weekend Graffiti Spree

  1. These are adults, hold them responsible for their actions and press charges against them. This city cannot allow this behavior to go unpunished. Find the other three individuals, someone out there knows who they are.

  2. I think these girls have learned a valuable lesson, especially after having their pictures on the internet and being detained by the police department. I think they might be more selective when choosing friends in the future and if placed in a situation like this again, they must find your voice and either stop it or walk away.
    As far as the young men are concerned, it is their job to step up and turn themselves in. What they did was stupid and costly. At best they were trying to impress and at worse bored as they gained nothing financially or hurt anyone. I suspect they too have learned a lesson. And if they turn themselves in, they will have learned one of the most valuable lessons in life; character. And for what it’s worth, I consider myself to be an expert on this, having been 25 once.

  3. When I was a kid and did something nutty my mom would spank my butt and made me sit on a chair facing the wall but of course these are different times and I could accuse her of child abuse (lol)

  4. Can’t the Police lock these ladies ( if you want to call them like that ) until they identify the 3 other hoodlums

  5. WOW.. just slap them in the hand and send them home.

    I cannot fathom some of our residents wanting to just treat this as an irresponsible juvenile act and continue to treat adults (they are 25 years old) as children and not pay the consequences of their actions. Actions do have consequences, both positive and negative.

    Although I do not believe they should spend years in the county lockup, I believe that charging them with the crime and give them 30 days in jail will get them to realize that in a society that is based on Law & Order and where the majority of its citizens abide by, maybe they will think twice next time.

    The question many would ask is this: who initiated this act of vandalism? The women or the men? Or did they sat around bored and all said “let’s do something bad”.

    If the women turn over evidence and the other three get apprehended, they should still be charged with a crime, but suspend their sentences for “time served”.

    Now for those that have commented about being lenient because they are kids, what would you be saying if next time they hurt someone seriously or break into your home just because?

    I am proud of the work of the CG and M-D police. Their jobs is not an easy one and we should thank them for their valor and dedication to the community. I feel safe knowing they are just around the corner.

  6. Lots of good comments and suggestions. So what’s being done about it Chief Hudak and Mr. Mayor. Let’s not look the other way like the leaders of many western cities. Make an example of these young ladies and find those guys. Parental involvement? Charges filed yet? Bills issued for damages?

  7. The police should file charges against these women and compel them to provide the names of the three guys who actually defaced both public and private property. Moreover, the police should do their best to find out what were their motives. Most of their graffiti alluded to BLM positions. It is bad enough that they defaced property. If they didn’t do it out of conviction but rather to make it seem as if BLM elements had done it, their crime is doubly reprehensible.

  8. It is incredible that our police department can find the two women promptly but the men cannot be found? They should ALL be put to clean tge graffitti, but the women should not be punished selectively if our great police department is incapable of finding and arresting the men.

  9. They should clean the walls themselves, then get jobs at Coral Gables Sanitation. Everyone wins.

  10. Don’t out them in jail. Put them on house arrest. Let them out daily to work to repay the cost of cleaning the mess and paying a hugh fine.

  11. The Coral Gables Police need our help to find the vandals? You mean they can’t get the girls to talk? What a sad state of affairs for our police in this day and age!

  12. At 25 years old these people should be working or at least focusing on bettering their lives. One of the girls lives in Coral Gables and is ok with vandalizing the community she lives in? Where is the common sense? So many options and opportunities to create a better life and they choose this. Our future is not in good hands, sadly.

  13. I’m glad that our police department is taking care of our City Beautiful which we all love and want to maintain. I hope all five of these young people get charged and convicted and that part of the sentence is cleaning their mess.

  14. They need to be put in jail. That will teach their entitled asses not to do this again. If left unpunished, that’s sets the tone for the type of looting, rioting and burning that has plagued other Cities in this country.

  15. While I don’t like graffiti either, and pleased that some of the offenders appear to have been caught, let’s try and keep comments constructive. Some of the comments in this thread and others seem to have racist undertones.

    When my family moved into the Gables 46 years ago, all the stop signs around our block we’re marked with graffiti that read, “Stop Cubans” and “Go Back to Where you Came from.”

    Let’s work on the City Beautiful slogan, not only by ridding the city of ugly graffiti, but also from ugly and hateful speech or commentary.

  16. When I watched the video, the only thing I saw the two women do was walk away when the males started to put graffiti on the sign. So what can they be charged with?

  17. they are not teens, and they are not in the criminal system, it appears that they were not charged

  18. Glad that Coral Gables is not condoning this – we will not be another Portland or Seattle or Minneapolis. They should be forced to pay for the cleanup.

  19. There’s no need to put them away in jail. That honestly won’t teach them anything, and this is such a petty crime it might not even deter them. They should just be forced to do community service hours cleaning up areas and the mess they made. A LOT of hours

  20. These girls know exactly who the guys are. Good job to get criminals off the street and hope there are consequences….

  21. A little jail time and heavy fines would be a good start. Reckless young adults. Time to start cracking down on this type of behavior.

  22. They are not teens… they are 25 years old. And the male suspects are not teens either.
    They need to find a job and do something useful with their lives!!

  23. Law & Order … clean up the graffiti (reimburse the city for cost of investigation/police & repairs/painting materials & labor expended) and at least 100 hours of community service cleaning up trash, weeding, etc. in the community where they caused damage.

  24. They are not teens!! They are 25 years old!! They need to find a job and do something useful with their lives. As well as the males on video, they are not teens!

  25. Teens? Check your math bro… These women are 25 years old!!! Sad. Those ‘boys’ are probably the same age. Is there a term for the opposite of the “Greatest Generation” ?

  26. Why in the world has our Police Department not filed charges against these two female teens in order to compel them to cough up the names of the three boys?

    This is ridiculous.

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