Touring The Gables: Freebee

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Join us as we ride around Coral Gables on one of Freebee’s new Teslas. Could it come to Coral Gables? Gables Insider‘s Ariel Fernandez discusses that and more with Freebee’s Director of Business Development and Government Affairs, Claudia Miro.


12 thoughts on “Touring The Gables: Freebee

  1. I love the Freebee service. My office is located in the heart of the Gables, and using the Freebee to get to other businesses in the area is a huge benefit. No need to drive around aimlessly looking for parking.

  2. Voicing others. I wish it was extended out to residential areas. We frequent downtown a few times a week and wish I could ride the Freebee instead of driving.

  3. It’s a wonderful service. We are reducing traffic, the more people use this. I wish it were extended towards part of 8th street.

  4. Driving around the Gables? That reminds me…make sure you have time to sit forever at those traffic lights that will not change, despite no other traffic using the green light. Why doesn’t there system detect lack of traffic and allow people waiting and waiting and waiting to pass?

  5. Sounds reasonable that taxpayers money be spend according to priority. It is difficult to find Freeby with a priority higher than Z.

  6. A couple of points to consider:

    1. There is nothing “freebie” about Freebie. Remember this is taxpayer funded transportation. So we must first ask if Freebie is the best use of taxpayer money.

    2. The ADA argument is difficult to understand. If someone is really disabled, Freebie does not help, given it’s not a door-to-door service. If someone is really disabled, the Miami-Dade County already has a program in place.

    3. What is the cost per mile for rides? How does that cost compare to Uber/Lyft which *are* door-to-door services and cover our entire City?

  7. I would love to see the Freebie route extending from the “Golden Triangle” to Bird Road to serve residential area.

  8. I love this concept. My main concerns about the current version of the Freebee service in the Gables are: 1.) they don’t service residential neighborhoods and 2.) the vehicles are open air. This solves both of those problems.

  9. Why do we need this? We have enough vehicles on the road already. I am paying for my car already. If this is going to lead to the Gables buying these cars, I don’t want to spend more tax dollars to start buying more cars for the city. Please eliminate wasteful spending and this clutter. Reduce my taxes. If this is a large billboard for advertising in our city, please research all of the problems associated with them. These electric vehicles are not necessarily all “clean”.

  10. I’m a Freebee fan – convenient, free, pleasant drivers, and an easy-to-use app. My only issue is that the wait times are not often accurate. Good to see Claudia Miro has a nice gig, but disappointed she’s not running for office.

  11. I think that it is terrible that the range of Freebee for Coral Gables does not even extend through the North Gables. Yet, the Board of Architects and the rest of City Leadership continue to allow building after building be built in the North Gables. How about extending Freebee to the North Gables so that we no longer have to drive to the Mile where most parking spaces are taken up by Valet services and show some respect to the North Gables which has simply been used as a development zone with little to no amenities afforded to the people of the North Gables.

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