UM Classes Resume, Students Throw A Party, 51 Now Quarantined

University of Miami students began returning to campus on the week of August 10th in preparation for the start of in-person classes on campus on August 17th.

The University had asked students to follow social distancing guidelines and to wear masks on campus.

On August 15th, a since removed video surfaced on social media showing an unknown number of freshmen partying in a dorm room on campus, with no social distancing and/or masks in sight.

The party prompted the University to take action and President Frenk released a video to students on August 17th, where he highlighted the importance of following what he calls the three Ws. “We cannot control the way other people behave, but we can encourage the things we know work. The U.S. Surgeon General has referred to these behaviors as the three Ws—wash your hands, watch your distance, wear a face covering.”

President Frenk went on to address the incident specifically: “

With reports of unauthorized and health-risking behavior on campus already beginning to surface on social media, let me be clear: any student hosting or participating in a social gathering in violation of the measures we have put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 will face disciplinary charges by the Dean of Students Office. If found responsible, these students will be removed from campus and suspended. Resident students are also subject to housing review, which can result in eviction from on-campus housing. Regrettably, there are already a few cases we are having to address. I am aware that developmentally, young people are wired to seek new experiences and interact with their peers—and, unless they are mindful about their choices, these natural tendencies can lead to risky behavior. On that point, I implore all of us—students, faculty, and staff—to consider the consequences of taking risks.”

News of the few cases was released on Friday of last week, when the University announced that four dorm resident students had tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the University to quarantine 51 students. “After determining that four students in Hecht Residential College had tested positive for COVID-19 this week, those students, and several others who have shown symptoms, were immediately removed from their floors and are in isolation in another location. Out of an abundance of caution, the remaining 51 students on floors 7 and 8 in McDonald Tower are being required to quarantine for a short time in their rooms or at home until those students are tested and results determined.”

Faculty who held in-person classes with these students within 48 and 72 hours prior to the students showing symptoms have also been advised.


5 thoughts on “UM Classes Resume, Students Throw A Party, 51 Now Quarantined

  1. If proper measures are not put into place we will face another shutdown soon after re-opening. Honest business owners are suffering due to the lack of responsibility of others that do not follow the rules. I see people in the streets of Coral Gables not wearing masks on a daily basis. This past weekend outside of the Copper 29 bar area, the street was full of of young adults not wearing masks and not social distancing! I could not believe what I was seeing. Like really!! WTH! Such activity not supervised by law enforcement to include the colleges, will cause another forced shut down. Our young ones are suffering quarantined at home, homeschooling and breaking down due to the intensity of the online schooling which is not age appropriate. Parents cannot go to work to home school their children. The list goes on and on! The lack of responsibility of many is affecting children, parents and small businesses. Please help us!

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  3. Universities should set one dorm aside for quarantined students. If you test positive you live there for a month, listen to your lectures and make up the work. Don’t close the whole university because of some immature brats!

  4. There are 1550 Covid cases in Coral Gables. Miami-Dade is one of the Covid hotspots in the nation, Many students at UM have tested positive for the virus. Now the numb skull powers that be at the university want to have 13000 people at their football game. Who is in charge of that university? On what level is this responsible leadership? Where is the mayor? Where is Donna Shalayla? Doesn’t any one care that this could be a super spreader event like that motorcycle rally out west.

  5. Selfish socializing children. Wonder how they will feel if their action killed any faculty or staff.

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