Update: David William Cleared To Remain Open, Pool Closed And 90 Days To Provide City Plans For Repairs

Ariel Fernandez

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As Gables Insider previously reported, the David William had been provided with an ultimatum by the City to provide a letter of structural safety by February 9th or face a mandatory closure.

Gables Insider has now learned that on February 11th, the City amended its order and has given the David William 90 days to submit a repair plan for the issues surrounding the rooftop pool.

The new notice to building residents states that, “The city received a letter, dated February 07, 2022, prepared by RH Engineering Group, signed and sealed by Engineer Roberto L. Hernandez, PE 53855, addressing the City’s Building Official’s concerns. In the letter, attached hereto, Mr. Hernandez affirms that the Building is safe for continued occupancy, and that all necessary precautions have been taken, including unloading the structure, and shoring the area in question.

Therefore, as of the date of this letter, compliance of with the immediate lifesafety concerns has been achieved, and the conditions of the Building Official’s February 3rd, 2022 are revised as follows:

  • Posting of this letter in a conspicuous location for the information and inspection of all occupants.
  • Requiring that the Condominium Association President confirm that each resident has received a hand-delivered copy of this letter.
  • Requiring the that the structural engineer provide a plan of required repairs no later than 9_0 days from the date of this notice.
  • Requirng that the area in question remains corded off from access and use by anyone other than those working on the repairs.
  • Requiring that the pool remain drained until all repairs are permitted, completed, and ce1tificate of completion has been issued by the City’s Building Official.”

Click here to see a copy of the City’s notice.


3 thoughts on “Update: David William Cleared To Remain Open, Pool Closed And 90 Days To Provide City Plans For Repairs

  1. In a society based on greed it is not easy being a whistleblower. Paraphrasing, it is clear that feigned empathy is the scoundrel’s last resort in coop affairs.

  2. Yes, it was always about the pool, not the “entire building’s structure”. And, yes, residents knew about the pool. And, yes, the HOA took actions as soon as they knew the pool had an issue.
    All this commotion, caused by one resident, has cost David William owner’s unnecessary additional expenses and temporarily tarnished the image of a SOLID building (new condo owners would love their new condos to be built the way this building was built…SOLID, as it is cost prohibited now-a-days).
    In summary, all buildings have issues now and then. All houses have issues now and then. Why this resident chose to make this “pool” issue City wide news is mind boggling to many of us.

  3. Thank you Gables Insider for the truthful heading about the David William Condominium. You have clearly proven your fairness and objective reporting. The building is structurally sound with no issues. The pool issue is not new and will be completely repaired. We feel confident the Board has always taken the correct steps.

    Too bad we have an alarmist resident who created such an un-necessary ordeal and frightened so many elderly residents for pure selfishness, as the issue was being addressed since August 2021. Of course, this person has no consideration for others.

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