UPDATE: Flower Sculptures On Segovia Cleaned And Polished

On October 31st, Gables Insider reported on the “expected” fading of the flower art sculptures on Segovia.

This week, crews were on site polishing and cleaning the sculptures in what is being called a routine process.

The cleaning process on these controversial sculptures on the intersections of Segovia and Miracle Mile and Segovia and Biltmore Way have helped clean the soot that darkened the vibrant colors.

The maintenance is expected to be completed this week.


8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Flower Sculptures On Segovia Cleaned And Polished

  1. When the Eiffel Tower was erected in Paris in 1889 the residents hated it and thought is was a monstrosity. How times have changed.

  2. Rosa,
    No one I know knew of the discussions prior.
    I had other serious issues at hand so well may have missed it.
    However, so many people have said they knew nothing until it was fait accompli, I wonder.
    It doesn’t operate as sold… I do recall something about it being a water sculpture. It is not.
    Either way it is static and industrial looking with all the tubing.

  3. The splash of color from a world class artist is a welcome site in Coral Gables. People who hate it should show up before the end of the city council discussion in future, not after installation. But I am glad they missed this discussion.

  4. The artist is ahead of her time. Although it has bit all worked out as planned these will only increase in beauty and value as time goes on.

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