4 thoughts on “VIDEO: City Commission Holds Annexation Sunshine Meeting

  1. Not understanding.

    If the meeting was so ‘pro annexation’, as have most of the (admittedly outspoken) voices I read about, how is it that this issue was struck down.

    I get that there are lots of issues (and resources) at play. And I don’t necessarily care one way or another. I’ve just been following this story and the ‘pro’s’ have always seemed to outweigh the cons.

    So why hasn’t it gotten done?

  2. Ms. Blustein, If I were against annexation I would be very grateful that the complete meeting was not shown. If you were there you must remember that MOST of the attendees were in favor! If you really want to see how badly the anti-annexation side looked, please look for the video at Gables TV.

  3. Lynne, thanks for commenting. Unfortunately due to some audio interference we are unable to post the entire meeting as intended. However, you can contact the City of Coral Gables Clerk’s office as they did record the entire meeting.

    Also FYI: The Mayor has called a Special Commission meeting on Tuesday, August 13th at 6 p.m. for the purpose of taking a vote on whether to request that the County’s Health Care and Operations Committee proceed with the renewal process for the High Pines/Ponce Davis annexation application. The City will televise the meeting live.

  4. These sound bites (of only pro-annexation views) are not fully representative of the meeting. This is not a video of the meeting, however….. could you please post a video of the entire meeting?
    If you would also like to see the entire meeting online, please let your voice be heard.
    Thank you kindly.

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