Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request Deadline And Early Voting This Weekend

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request Deadline

The deadline to request a Vote-By-Mail ballot is Saturday, April 1st. Click here to request a Vote-By-Mail Ballot from the Miami-Dade Department of Elections.

Residents can return their Vote-By-Mail ballots at the official drop boxes at the War Memorial Youth Center (405 University Drive) during Early Voting this weekend.

Early Voting

Early Voting will take place at the Coral Gables War Memorial Youth Center (405 University Drive) on:

Saturday, April 1st, Sunday, April 2nd and Saturday, April 8th, from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

Candidate Information

Information about the candidates and their financial support can be found on the City website’s Election page accessible by clicking here or by clicking on each candidate’s name above.

Election Day

Election Day is Tuesday, April 11th.


5 thoughts on “Vote-By-Mail Ballot Request Deadline And Early Voting This Weekend

  1. Please, please help us take this City back from these manipulated by developers and donors Commissioners. DO NOT VOTE FOR BUCELLO !!!!!! This guy is supported by some of the worst Mayors in our history and is taking money from outsiders who will receive his support to make money within our City. Lago and Valdes Fauli, both two of the worst, are behind him to continue their passive destruction of this City, turning us into Brickell 2.0 for money. Bucello is the lowest of the low and should not be given any support as he is their puppet. Look at the flyers being sent out about Ariel. This has never happened in our City as it is dirty politics. They are fearful of Ariel not supporting their continued march through our City with their donors, and they are going after him with lies. No name or who authorized the flyers calling Ariel a socialist and liar. Who do you think is behind this? Candidates, tell us what good you will do but do not tear down an opponent with name calling and lies. Sounds like a play from Trump’s politics. Bucello, you need to be ashamed of yourself on how you are running your campaign. Never never never vote for him.

  2. ALEX BUCELO will be the Coral Gables commissioner for people OUTSIDE the city.

    $80,874 of his campaing money came from OUTSIDERS. $80, 874 was 80% of his campaign money.

    Votes not money decide an election.

    Ariel Fernandez for Coral Gables Commissioner.

  3. Residents, wake up! Support Ariel Fernandez: volunteer to put up a yard sign, make telephone calls, go door to door, distribute leaflets, etc. It’s the amount of votes—not the amount of campaign money from outside— that decides an election. It’s now or never!

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