Vote: It’s Election Day

Ariel Fernandez

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It’s Election Day. The polls for the Coral Gables Municipal Election will be open from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

Residents of the City of Coral Gables will be voting to elect two new City Commissioners.

Not sure where your precinct is? Visit the Miami-Dade Elections Department website to find out.

Vote-By-Mail Ballot

If you have not already returned your Vote-By-Mail ballot, you can surrender your ballot at your precinct and vote in person.

You can also deliver it to the Miami-Dade Elections Department at 2700 NW 87 Ave in Doral before 7:00PM.

Candidate Information

There are six candidates vying for two open seats this election.

Information about the candidates and their financial support can be found on the City website’s Election page accessible by clicking here or by clicking on each candidate’s name above.


7 thoughts on “Vote: It’s Election Day

  1. Congratulations on Ariel’s win. We finally have a voice who will stand with the citizens of this City. He ran a clean campaign, not like Bucelo. NOW we need to support Castro and we will have the strength we need to stop some of the wild west behavior at City Hall. May this show all you leaders that it is time to push back and stop your decisions that go against the majority of this City. You will be next, sent to ride off in the Sunset out of town. Even though Lago had no one run against him, that does not mean we support him. Your shell game is about to be shut down along with your decisions that are made without the residents input. City Manager, you are included. Time to clean house !!!

  2. Zena-
    Who in the world am I bullying? Do you know what it means to bully? I’m pointing out that it is incredibly common for Coral Gables residents to slander, lie, defame and libel people. Bucelo’s campaign aligned with how I’ve observed too many Coral Gables behave.

    Kathy- people don’t use their full names for various reasons. Bullying being one of them. Retaliation is another.

    Ariel’s clean campaign won. Kudos.

  3. Jessica – Amen.
    Zena – Bullying?
    All of you commenting – why not use your full REAL name

  4. Jessica: Don’t bully “NO FOR BUCELLO!!!” Don’t hate him, because he has freedom of speech. By the way, the best candidate to win is Ariel Fernandez.

  5. Hate to break it to you slanders and lies is VERY Coral Gables – so is defamation and libel. Regardless, it’s important to get out and vote. May the best candidates win.

  6. It is a simple choice. Save our City and have someone support what WE The Citizens WANT, then vote for Ariel Fernandez. Have someone rubber stamp Lago and vote against the citizens will, vote Bucello. Bucello has run a slanderous campaign against Fernandez with horrible accusations and lies. He has shown his colors and these are not the colors of Coral Gables. He has the worst of the worst Mayors supporting him along with the passe, developer lovers commissioners, who do not want Fernandez to push back against their agenda. I am not paid by Fernandez, I am not a friend of Fernandez, I have no connection to Fernandez, but I do know who he is and what he stands for. VOTE FERNANDEZ AND CASTRO, THE 2 WHO WILL FIGHT AND SUPP0RT YOU !!!!

  7. If Ariel Fernandez does not win, your City dies. The City is in your hands. Save it. Vote. On to victory! Ariel Fernandez becomes the commissioner for Coral Gables!

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