And The Winner Of The 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Competition Is…

Over 3,800 votes were cast in the Gables Insider 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Competition. A special thank you to the participants who entered their homes and made this an incredible competition that came down to the wire.

In the end, there can only be one winner. After all the votes were counted, the winner of the Gables Insider 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Competition is…

Olaf’s Tropical Paradise
The Chapman Caso Residence

In a year that has been filled with uncertainty and turmoil, the holidays are a time we can find comfort and be reminded of the many blessings we all have.

Many homes in Coral Gables have placed incredible displays and today, we bring you the official entries into the Gables Insider 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Competition.

Entries are listed in the order in which they entered.

Your vote can be cast at the bottom of this page. Voting ends at 11:59PM on December 21st.

The winner will be announced on the Christmas Eve Day edition of Gables Insider.

Good luck to all participants!

Snoopy’s Candy Cane Lane
The Garcia Residence

Santa’s Cottage
The Diaz Residence

An Evergreen Christmas
The Ramudo Residence

Santa’s Winter Wonderland
The Wallace Residence


34 thoughts on “And The Winner Of The 2020 Holiday Home Decorating Competition Is…

  1. Sadly, we continue on our inexorable electoral journey towards a posh, third world enclave in a third world country

  2. Evergreen Christmas; hands down! I wish I had posted “my” living room picture. 😆🎄🎁

  3. Kinda lousy decorations at each of the entrants. Nothing worthy of a vote to be honest. Sad when 3 strings of lights and a $30 blow up win the contest. LOL — I guess that’s 2020 though!

  4. Please. Please. No more conspiracy theories regarding the validity of the vote. We have had enough of those to last a lifetime. Accept the result. Enjoy the holiday. Find pleasure in the acts to enliven the beauty of our neighborhoods and lift our spirits.

  5. My Gables neighbors and I watched, appalled, as the votes miraculously increased for Santa’s Cottage at the rate of 1-2 per second starting at around 10:20 pm last night… Approximately 90 minutes before the contest concluded. We found it highly suspect that until that point, Santa’s Cottage only had a few hundred votes from the entirety of the contest. Then, suddenly, thousands are cast within the final hour. Looking at the other comments posted, I have to wonder if Santa’s Cottage is complaining about the very thing they were doing… While they were doing it. Hmmm…

  6. Santa’s Cottage is so tasteful and elegant yet homey. I just want to move right in. Very inviting.
    Congratulations, you have my vote.

  7. Olaf’s tropical paradise has sincerely rigged the system. It’s literally impossible to cast over 50 votes in 1 minute. Santa’s cottage and an Evergreen Christmas are by far the best decorated home.

  8. Absolutely love Olaf’s Topical Paradise. It takes a lot of effort to decorate and maintain the outside of a home. This enchanting display shows visitors what makes Coral Gables spectacular!

  9. Santas Cottage is a Gables twist to the nostalgic reference of Christmas. Beautiful and magical.

  10. Santa’s Cottage looks like a page out of House Beautiful- no contest … it is picture perfect!

  11. All very beautiful, but I love Santa’s Cottage. So representative of Coral Gables.

  12. I love them all, but Santa’s cottage is my favorite! Thank you, neighbors, for brightening our community with good cheer and keeping the spirit of Christmas.

  13. Santa’s cottage is so beautifully decorated- warm and inviting. Exemplifies everything that is beautiful in Coral Gables, gorgeous mantel over fireplace, arches snd a beautiful wood ceiling. Congratulation to the homeowner who did a wonderful job.

  14. Olaf’s Tropical Paradise is truly enchanting. I’d love to take my children there to enjoy it in person. Absolutely wonderful.

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