Commission Agenda Digest for 10/13 Meeting

Click Here for a full copy of the Agenda and supporting documentation for each item.

To watch the meeting LIVE on Tuesday, October 13th: . Anyone can address the commission for (3) minutes before the start of business promptly at 9am

Below is a satire digest a-la-Insider for what we expect will take place at the upcoming meeting. Enjoy!

  • The Mayor will have a discussion at the beginning of the meeting on the city’s plan for Halloween Celebrations. We hope to see the commission discuss plans to address neighborhoods such as Santa Maria and Cocoplum which have traditionally brough thousands of trick-or-treaters in a time where Covid-19 numbers continue to rise in our community. Several Santa Maria residents have made it clear to Gables Insider they do not want masses gathering outside their homes this year – “it’s just not the right time”.
  • Pensions – The City will vote on an agreement to reduce the teamster’s pension contribution from the expected 15% to 13.5% after negotiations. This amounts to a little over $180,000 for the year.
  • Naming of Parks Ordinance –  At the request of Commissioner Keon who has made this item a top-priority for some unknown reason, the ordinance adopted in 2002 will be updated to provide increased community input, and establishes a Nominating Committee to vet naming applications. In other words, unless you are rich and donate the land, are famous and well connected or happen to serve as an elected official you’re not likely to have a park named after you. What ever happened to naming parks after simple things like the street where it is located? After all, our street names have European charm right!
  • Discussion supporting South Gables Businesses and periodic outdoor dining events on San Ignacio Ave –  This is Commissioner Mena’s item which is being brought up just in time for gorgeous South Florida weather. Oh yeah and its safer too. Let’s not forget to support our local businesses even if its take-out!
  • Update regarding trash pits along Red Road/57th AveHere we go again. Illegal dumping and unsightly craters bordering our City Beautiful. Wait, didn’t we already get an update last meeting, and a certain number were ‘closed and re-sodded’? We suspect Lago is brining this up again because the problem persists and its not Coral Gables-like in his own neighborhood. In the meantime, you should drive by and see what second-hand furniture, couches, and toilets you can snag illegally dumped along our city’s border. It will be picked up and paid for by taxpayers on Tuesday.
  • Update regarding landscape improvements along Red Road/57th Ave – Read above. Finally, after a few years of waiting the area residents got a minor swale update with solitaire palms. They are a little scrawny and the joke around town is a few of them need some ED medicine, but we think after a little TLC and some ground cover plants it should look nice. Wait, on the other side of 57th Ave in West Miami at Publix they installed Oak Trees which provide shade and canopy. Lago probably is also going to ask about that after he fought for those vary trees on the Gables side.
  • Resolution asking County Mayor, Carlos Gimenez, to extend the county-wide curfew from 11pm to midnight or rescinding the curfew to allow municipalities to impose their own rulesThis is being taken up by Commissioner Mena. The title speaks for itself. Frankly does anyone know what the Covid-19 rules are anymore? Thanks Governor DeSantis.
  • Illuminate Coral Gables 2021This is appears to be a really cool exhibition that will plan to take place in 2021 in Coral Gables’ Downtown area. While designed to be up-close and personal, it appears residents and visitors will be able to also drive-by and experience illumination of all kinds throughout. More on this after they present.

2 thoughts on “Commission Agenda Digest for 10/13 Meeting

  1. Don’t give in to the union demands. They already have a deal that no one in the private sector ( who pays for all these goodies) could get in their wildest dreams.

  2. Thank you for bringing back the digest. These are extremely helpful and this one particularly funny. Keep it up.

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