7000 Old Cutler Road

Remember that time when Coral Gables almost grossly overpaid a property at the Cocoplum (Cartagena) Circle to build a fire station and park? The city wanted to purchase a property located at 7000 Old Cutler Road for a fire station and park. The owner wanted $4,000,000 and wouldn’t budge. One appraisal had the property valued at $1.8M at the time and the city said it was the only option. The motion to purchase failed on first reading when Commissioners Lago and Mena voted against the deal which required a 4/5 vote.  The same property is still for sale and took a price cut bringing the asking price now to $2.2M.   In just a little over a year later the city was able to find a better deal in terms of price and location. The newly negotiated fire station will be located at 2018 Sunset Drive (in between Cocoplum Women’s Club and the Riviera Presbyterian Church)  read more here: https://gablesinsider.com/fire-house-and-park-coming-to-sunset-drive/.


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  1. It seems that Mena and Lago, and now Jorge Fors, are the only ones who vote based on what is good for the taxpayers. It does not surprise me that the others voted for a deal that was a total rip off for the taxpayers. What are they thinking? It is the same on getting the runaway pension deficit fixed. I know I will be supporting these three when the elections roll around.

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