Asked & Answered: Update On Dog Waste Stations

Question from Gables Insider Reader:

Can we get an update on the Dog Waste Stations? We’re wondering if you could provide us with an update on deployment? How many have been placed? Is there a map of locations or a list?

City of Coral Gables Community Recreation Department Response:

“We have deployed most of the original 90 stations that we purchased as part of the neighborhood renaissance program.  I have attached a list of the current locations, and we continue to review requests and look at potential locations for additional stations.  The public reception of the program has been extremely positive with many residents thankful for the installation of these stations.  We have received commentary from residents that the stations have provided a solution to a problem that was occurring where dog owners were using waste bags for dog waste, but were then depositing the bags in the trash swales along the public right of way. 

We have started a map of the station locations, However, we have not yet added our last wave of installations to the map.  We hope to get that done shortly.  In terms of the program as a whole, we have hired our part-time park ambassador who oversees the park ranger staff (park service attendants) and has developed a schedule and task list for the rangers to maintain the stations – both cleaning them and supplying the necessary dog waste bags.  We are working on methods of determining the usage of each station in order to determine best locations for additional stations and the possibility of adjusting locations if needed. 

The link for the Dog waste station map (soon to be revised):

PDF List of Stations

I have also included information below on the dog waste station program – this information is available on our website.

What are Pet Waste Stations?

  • The City of Coral Gables has instituted the use of pet waste stations to provide residents with an easy way to dispose of their pet waste. Each pet waste station is commercial grade and made from rust proof materials. Each station contains a sealed trash chute to prevent odor and pests and a dispenser that contains bags for easy disposal of dog waste. The City is responsible for regular pick up of the pet waste stations.

Where can pet waste stations be placed?

  • Pet waste stations are placed in the following locations: open spaces, parks, recreation facilities, public rights of way, and plazas, after public input and provided they meet specific criteria as noted below. It should be noted pet waste stations are for neighborhoods, not a specific building.

How is a location chosen for a pet waste station?

The location for a dog station is chosen utilizing several factors:

  1. The location must meet the criteria of allowable locations.
  2. The location must be requested either through resident input or City staff observation.
  3. Location must be accessible for all populations. Stations may not be be placed in open lots or other areas without an accessibility point.
  4. There will be a review by the City Parks and Recreation staff once a location is requested. Staff must find that the location shows a demonstrated need for a pet waste station. Different demonstrated needs may include accumulation of pet waste bags in nearby trash swales, documentation of a large amount of pets in the area, or verified complaints of pet waste within resident properties.

What is the process for requesting a pet station?

  1. A pet station can be requested by any City resident. Residents can contact the Community Recreation Department at
    (305) 460-5620 or an online request can be made by emailing [email protected]
  2. Once a request is made, Parks Division staff will observe the location to determine the demonstrated need.
  3. Parks Division staff will determine location installation through input from neighborhood residents for public parks and open spaces, and from those residents directly affected in cases of a pet waste installation on public right of ways.

How are the Pet Waste Stations Maintained?

  1. City Park Service Attendants will be responsible for the maintenance of the stations.
  2. All stations located at parks and open spaces will be inspected daily and emptied as needed, as part of the trash maintenance duties performed daily at all parks and open spaces.
  3. Stations on public right of ways will be inspected twice weekly and emptied as needed.
  4. Every quarter, staff will review maintenance schedule and revise for additional maintenance if needed at any right of way stations.

Any resident can report maintenance issues of the stations at (305) 460-5620 or online at [email protected].” – Fred Couceyro, Director of Community Recreation


3 thoughts on “Asked & Answered: Update On Dog Waste Stations

  1. Country Club Prado is a LONG parkway in NW Gables where we have LOTS of doggie families and young families with kids. We need stations every other (long) block if possible. As it appears now there is only one at the far north end of the Prado. Why? The Prado goes from Tamiami Trail (8th Street) to Sevilla. Not sure why we’ve been overlooked, but please put us on a fast track for dog waste stations!!

  2. Our area is Milan Avenue we need pet waste stations, ASAP. Thanks for your prompt attention.

  3. The area between Red Road and University of Miami, and between Blue Road and Miller Drive has no station. I see MANY, MANY waste bags left on swales. Because of heavy fast-moving traffic on Blue Road, it’s impossible to get to the 2 boxes at the Adams park on Alhambra. Please take care of our area!!!

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