Popular Coral Gables Store Closing Its Doors

Finding office supplies in Downtown Coral Gables will get a little harder. OfficeMax, a reliable and convenient source for office supplies for businesses in downtown Coral Gables is closing its doors for good.

A closing sale has begun and sale prices range from 5% to 50%. From products on the shelves, to break-room furniture and refrigerators, everything must go.

Notable “deals” include labels and shipping supplies at 30%, backpacks at 40% off and back-to-school supplies at 50% off.

Staff informed Gables Insider that an official “last day” has not been designated, but it is expected to be during the first or second week of September.

One thing is for sure, downtown businesses will sure miss OfficeMax!


2 thoughts on “Popular Coral Gables Store Closing Its Doors

  1. When a business such as Office Max closes
    Your reporter should find the reason.
    Was it
    1. Not enough business?
    2. Outrageous increase in the rent?
    3. New project or building going up?
    4. Sale of property?

  2. OfficeMax was more than an office supplies store. For years we shopped there on the first day of school, supply lists in hand. Yes, it was crowded and crazy. But I never missed it. It seemed that all our friends were there. Everyone we had not seen all summer. It was a great reintroduction to the school year.

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