CGPD: SWAT Training On August 1st

“On Thursday August 1, 2019, between 7:00am and 3:00pm, the Coral Gables Police Department will be conducting an Active Shooter Training at Temple Judea, located at 5500 Granada Blvd and US1.

Members of the Coral Gables SWAT team will focus on emergency response to an active shooter incident at the Temple. It will involve a simulation of the Coral Gables SWAT response plan and procedures and will help assure a coordinated, timely and effective response and recovery in the event of a major incident at the Temple.

The purpose of the operation is for officers to familiarize and practice the procedures to make entries in case an actual active shooter event.

There will be significant law enforcement present during the exercise. In order to avoid any confusion, the public is being notified ahead of time. The exercise is closed to the general public.” – Coral Gables Police


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