Bethune-Cookman No Match For #5 Canes In 9-0 Blow Out

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
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After a disappointing weekend where we saw the 14-game win streak end, the turnabout on Saturday continued tonight with an impressive pitching performance from Jake Garland picking up his 5th win moving the streak forward now at two. On paper, this game should have been an easy tune-up for the upcoming series with Pitt this weekend, but Miami struggled in the early innings from starter Joan Gonzalez in not being able to get runs on the board. Miami took an early 2-0 with the help of poor defensive plays from the Wildcats, and really didn’t start putting on the hurt until the 6th inning when they broke the game wide open with their starter Gonzalez leaving. Over the course of the next two innings, the bats lit up for 7 runs on 7 hits. It was like watching two different games as to the Cane’s productivity. Over half their hits and 7 of their 9 runs were accounted for in those two innings (6th,7th). The game strategy tonight was hit early and often. It didn’t exactly work out that way having to wait until the 6th, but with the help of errors and solid hitting, Miami caged the Wildcats’ running away with a 9-0 shutout; the second of the year.

Lineup unchanged 1-6 as it has for most of the season. As usual, the question waits as to RF and DH. With the absence of Dorian still out with a leg injury, 2B has been rotated. Tonight Gaby batting 7th playing RF with Henry Wallen at 2B batting 8th and rounding out the order at 9th Carlos is behind the plate in the 9th slot. DH with Carlos catching honors turned over to Max.  Jake has settled in as our midweek pitcher. I thought they might consider moving him back to the Sunday rotation slot, but after Rosario’s performance Saturday I don’t see Gino making the move. With the game tonight being played on Tuesday, this would be the ideal time to make the switch. Jake is the better choice because of the longevity of being able to pitch late in the game over Alejandro.

As earlier mentioned, Miami got off to a slow start and made for a tight game until it wasn’t. Jake struggled in the first needing 23 pitches before returning to the dugout. The first two outs came quickly in three of the first 4 innings then disruption getting that final out. Even though the final out racked up his pitch count getting there, Jake’s performance was stellar not really getting into trouble until the 7th when he had runners on the corners. First time in the game that the Wildcats had a runner on third but on his 98th pitch got a 1-3 ground out to finish one of his best outings. Seven strikeouts with a lone walk and 6 scattered hits.

BC was plagued with errors (4) accounting for 7 unearned runs. Originally recorded as a two-base error to start the game by their 1B on a grounder by CJ, was later changed to a double after the scorer reevaluated his oversight. Miami taking advantage on the early miscue turned it into the first score with a SF from Yoyo after Edgardo laid down a SAC bunt prior. Miami, again as a result of a pair of errors accounted for their second run coming an inning later.

After the 2nd, Miami bats were silent for the next three innings only managing 2 hits. Did manage to get the BL in the 4th on a single and a pair of walks but Carlos PO to third ended the inning. Before the breakout coming in the 6th, Miami had a great opportunity to finally break the 2-0 draught, but fail to do so on a coach’s error which you will not find recorded anywhere. CJ was on first following a walk and Edgardo hits a liner down the 3rd baseline. Don’t know what Gino was thinking but he sends CJ home on a very poor decision on his part. The ball was not deep, already recovered and CJ hadn’t as yet reached 3rd. Gino gives the green light, which was obvious to everyone he should have held him. The ball was waiting for CJ not even 2/3 of the way home. Gino has done this more on one occasion being overly aggressive and not holding him at 3rd. Rather than no outs and men on 2nd and third with the heart of the order, have instead no runs and man on second with one out. The following inning, again involving CJ, he holds him at third rather than send him home which again was all too obvious to all watching costing us an additional run. Two errors by Gino but nowhere recorded.

Even with these two setbacks, in the 6th the bats finally came to play. Jacob opens with a double. Their third error and a walk load the bases for the second time in the game and Carlos Perez has his second opportunity to correct his inning-ending PO in the 4th. Almost made the ultimate amends but fell short of reaching the running track in center. CJ followed with an RBI single for the second run, followed by Edgardo second double of the game for the third run which could have been another which I mentioned regarding Gino’s failure to send CJ home. At 5-0, this finally opened the floodgate and gave Jake a bit of insurance to work with.

Having finally gotten rid of their starter in the 6th after walking Henry to load the bases in the 6th, it became open season for the Miami bats which put the final hurt in the 7th with 4 additional runs. Inning opens with their 4th error, followed by 3 consecutive singles(Burke,Pitelli,Gaby(RBI)). BL for the 3rd time today, Henry comes across with a SF to right. After Carlos strikes out with runners on the corners, back to the top of the order. CJ adds to his RBI count in the 6th with a single going for 2RBI double making for a 4-run 7th and sealing the game 9-0. The game ends on a high note with a 1-6-3 DP

Offensively, a slow start for the bats. The bulk of their scoring and hits not coming until the 6th inning when it was all hands on deck. When the hits came, they came in bunches. Three of our players put on a hitting clinic each getting a trio of hits: CJ Kayfus 3-4(2doubles,3RBI); Jacob Burke 3-3(double); Dominic Pitelli 3-5. Additionally with a pair of hits: Edgardo Villegas 2-4(2doubles,RBI).

Overall hitting for tonight .371. Again not the strategy going into the game on hitting early and often. Fortunately, our pitching held up until the bats finally arrived to answer the call to duty.

Pitching tonight was right on. Jake was stellar tonight going deep in the game with 7 strong innings; after throwing 23 pitches in the 1st inning. The BP of McFarlane and Arguelles answered the call each allowing only a lone hit, not allowing a walk, and striking out 4 between them (3,1).

Overall, better late than never and a good tune-up for this week’s series against Pitt. We can’t hang around until late like we did today, or the results may not be the same. Again we need to strike early and often. First pitch Friday 7PM.


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