Blue Ribbon Committee On Mediterranean Bonuses Set For First Meeting Thursday (7/22)

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The Blue Ribbon Committee on the City of Coral Gables’ Mediterranean Bonuses is set to hold its first meeting on Thursday, July 22nd at 4:00PM.

Created by the Commission at the July 13th Commission meeting as proposed by Commissioner Rhonda Anderson, the Committee is set to discuss the codification and process for Mediterranean Bonuses given to commercial buildings and multi-family buildings in the City.

The Commission approved a Zoning in Place moratorium on new developments that are not as-of-right through the August 24th City Commission meeting, to allow for the Blue Ribbon Committee to make recommendations.

Committee Members

The Committee is made up of the City Architect and a group of six architects: one appointed by the Commission-as-a-whole and one by each of the members of the City Commission.

The members of the Committee who have been appointed are:

  • Juan Carlos Riesco – City Architect.
  • Glenn Pratt – appointed by the Commission-as-a-whole and current member of the City’s Board of Architects.
  • Willy Bermello – appointed by Mayor Vince Lago.
  • Javier Salman – Vice Mayor Michael Mena
  • Aramis “Mitch” Alvarez – appointed by Commissioner Jorge L. Fors, Jr.
  • Felix Pardo – appointed by Commissioner Anderson and former Chairman of the City’s Board of Architects.
  • Robert Behar – appointed by Commissioner Kirk Menendez.


The meeting will take place at the City Commission Chambers and will be available via zoom at:


7 thoughts on “Blue Ribbon Committee On Mediterranean Bonuses Set For First Meeting Thursday (7/22)

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  2. The public officials have again tried to fool the public.

    The so-called “blue ribbon” panel is a timid, tiny step in front of the
    monster over-developers.

    The only way to stop the monster is a special election for a permanent

  3. Another Gables sham.
    All of the members appointed have a vested interest in the status quo.
    All of them are beholden to developers.
    Only one, maybe one and a half, have any design/aesthetic sense.
    Nothing will happen.

  4. These Mediterranean Bonuses have become as out of control as the excessive trash in our City. Eliminate them both. You build what is allowed on the land provided and not one inch more. You want to make it look Mediterranean? Then kudos to you but no more extra floors. You are ruining our City.

  5. Ana Alvarez, Simone Chin and Judy Carty should have been nominated, but not sure if they were available to participate.

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