Burger Bob’s Gets Rent Relief

Burger Bob’s Restaurant at the Granada Golf Course lives to see another day, at least until August 31, 2021. Following an online petition and community pressure from locals, City Hall agreed to provide relief to the longtime cash-only restaurant in the heart of the historic 9-hole Granada Golf Course. The city has agreed to defer $20,280.26 in rent and lower Burger Bob’s rent to $1,000 a month plus taxes and insurance.

Burger Bob’s has until the end of their lease, August 31st, to pay the City back the deferred rent.

Click Here to view more details on the lease agreement.


21 thoughts on “Burger Bob’s Gets Rent Relief

  1. Burger Bobs’ has performed a Community Service to Coral Gables for decades.
    We cannot imagine Coral Gables without it. Due to pandemic, loss of revenue, the City
    should do the right thing, Man up and forgive past rent due, which is exorbitant to begin with.
    The City can easily do this, as it has shown residents it has money to waste on other, less important
    “Pet” projects.

  2. You reported we spent $180k on finger-painting the crosswalk in front of City Hall and with an annual maintenance of $30k. Waiving this rent for this family owned and operated business during the Pandemic is a “no brainer”.

  3. Burger Bobs is the happiest place in Coral Gables. The saddest thing would be it’s disappearance. I will eat there and support thevGoFundMe effort. The City should also do its part.

  4. Can someone who is tech savvy start a Go Fund Me page for this legendary Coral Gables institution???? Can we really stand to lose one of the few remaining diners?

  5. Instead of writing a comment, how about you actually go to burger bobs and spend some money there??????????

  6. After very scientific research to determine who has the best pancakes in coral gables, my grandchildren
    All agreed that burger bobs has the best. Save burger bobs.

  7. Could we get the city to start a fund to save Burger Bob’s and then we could start a campaign so that those who want to save it could send a check and hopefully raise at least the20K . Not sure deferred rent will save it so if we could just pay the deferred amount we could end the anxiety.

  8. Burger Bob’s is an institution in Coral Gables and needs to be preserved. He is as Historic as the older buildings in the Gables and should be so designated!

  9. “Let him sleep at night and waive the back rent.“


    Which is more important to Coral Gables, a few thousand more dollars, or an icon such as Bob’s?
    I vote Bob’s!

  10. Iconic burger bobs needs to be saved it’s an institution since my grandparents and parents and myself grew up and ate there even after a storm Bobs would be open so we could have a hot meal

  11. Yes we have to make sure Burger Bobs stayes, we just moved here, but love this place

  12. We have to show patience and compassion for our friends at Burger Bobs. They have been there for us forever. They have brought pleasure and happiness to Coral Gables. For all of the times that I could not get a drive from hole 1 to go straight I could always count on Burger Bobs to ease the pain for the second nine.

  13. Bob’s is a living Coral Gables Icon no less than the Bricks and Mortar icons such as city hall and The Biltmore. We spend great sums keeping these places up to date. We should do no less with Bob’s. Let him sleep at night and waive the back rent. It is the decent and right thing to do.

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