January 26 Commission Meeting Digest

Click Here for a full copy of the Agenda and supporting documentation for each item.

To watch the meeting LIVE: https://zoom.us/j/3054466800 . Anyone can address the commission for (3) minutes before the start of business promptly at 9am

Below is a satire digest a-la-Insider for what we expect will take place at the upcoming meeting. Enjoy!

  • Burger Bob’s gets rent deferment agreement ($20,280.26) and lowered rent to $1,000 a month. Not a bad deal for prime location on the Granada Golf Course.
  • Historic Preservation Appeal – to designate 649 Palmarito Court. Given that Miracle Mile isn’t considered historic by the City we doubt the commission will pay much attention to overturn the Historic Preservation Board’s decision.
  • Cardboard Boxes & Recycling – 2nd reading to mandate Multi-Family and Commercial breakdown boxes before throwing them in dumpsters. (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Vince Lago) Our readers have complained about single family residential recycling and having to breakdown their Amazon boxes. We doubt the commission will get the same push-back from Multi-Family and Commercial. Do you fold your cardboard boxes or throw them out on the swale for pickup?
  • Sustainability – waive City permit fees for certain green and energy efficient improvements to residential properties. (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Vince Lago)  Lago wants to waive permit fees for insulation (if no existing insulation exists), LED lighting, solar batteries, upgrades to seawalls for sea level rise, water conservation devices and drip irrigation. We think this is how government can begin to incentivize to have residents invest in their on resiliency and sustainable improvements to their homes.
  • US-1, South Dixie Highway or Harriet Tubman Highway? – (Sponsored by Commissioner Patricia Keon) Keon wants to pass a resolution to rename South Dixie Highway from the Miami-Dade/Monroe County line to I-95 to be “Harriet Tubman Highway”. Keon brought this up before but was met with commission opposition and concerns that George Merrick and his history could be next.
  • Another Zoning Community Q&A Meeting Request before Feb 9th Vote – Sponsored by Vice Mayor Vince Lago) Immediately following the last Zoning Code Change community meeting in which 250 residents attended, Vince Lago wrote a memo to the city commission for consensus on having the city manager host another Q&A resident meeting. Commissioner Keon objected to Lago’s request and requested it be discussed on the dais. The commissioners have made up their minds on how they will vote on the proposed Zoning Code changes, just vote on it already! Elections are in April, just sayin’.
  • Presentation of San Amero at Miller Road Roundabout Analysis – (Sponsored by Vice Mayor Vince Lago)  The roundabout has been questioned by neighboring residents as to its design and safety. Miami-Dade County agreed that the roundabout is flawed and should have a design modification. City Staff has ignored the request, and this is not the first time Lago will bring this to the commission floor for action and direction to city staff. Residents do pay the administration’s salary, right?
  • $1,485,938 – Presentation on State-of-the-Art Mobility Hub (Andalusia Parking Garage)– City Manager Peter Iglesias The mobility hub (parking garage) will be a mixed-use building that will host multiple transportation and mobility activities for people visiting, living and working in Coral Gables. It will be a place to pick up a scooter and have waiting zones for Uber, Lyft and Doordash etc. The city expects the structure to have a lifespan of 75 years and due to the fast-changing pace of transportation and mobility technology (err, flying cars coming soon?), this building will need to be designed to be adaptable during its lifespan.  


9 thoughts on “January 26 Commission Meeting Digest

  1. I agree with Mary Palacio’s thoughtful comment about elderly persons who may have have difficulty managing breaking down larger boxes and complying with the mandate. I’m always amazed at how little we walk their shoes or don’t listen to their input.
    So, when they design this mobility hub project, are they thinking about widening streets for all the activity they seem to be wishing for? Is there any serious thought to how traffic will be managed, like even today?! Back to the elderly, will this city become hostile to its elderly yet reliable and enriching population?
    I’ve made up my mind on who I will not be voting for in the coming elections.

  2. Gables Insider – Thank you so much for offering this informative forum.
    Regarding cardboard boxes- In our household we have had no issues following the mandate, however we need to consider the elderly and those with special needs who will be affected by non-compliance due to their conditions and diagnosis.

  3. Could the city establish a task force to oversee vaccine distribution and help city residents get in line for the vaccine? It is very chaotic at this point, and few people have time to sit and continually refresh their internet browsers, waiting for a sign-up page to activate. There must be a more efficient process. I would volunteer my time to help, and I’m sure others would also. We need a strategy and execution plan that is logical and fair to all.

  4. I hope you do not support the name change on US1. Name any street you want but US1 is a main artery and we should be consistent with the rest of the State. We have too many visitors in Miami and we do not need this confusion. What a waste of time and Keon needs to place her efforts to things that matter like Covid and the huge financial deficient in the City. Where is that being addressed? She is always wasting our time on her personal issues.
    Also I do have to speak up and state that we are AGAINST the development on Miracle Mile. Coral Gables is Coral Gables and we do not want to change our charm to support developers and a Mayor and Commissioner. This is OUR City and we have the total say in what we want. Again the Mayor and Keon are trying to force us to support what they want. No, no, no.

  5. It’s a great idea to rename the highway after Harriet Tubman. It’s such a powerful way to incorporate African-American history into our everyday language and lives. A seemingly small step coupled with others can begin to undo the racial and cultural hierarchy in the US. And it’s not about one race being above another, it’s about sharing power, resources and cultural belonging.

  6. Why isn’t COVID 19 and the Vaccine addressed during January 26th meeting. Isn’t it important enough?

    Coral Gables should do as much as possible for it’s residents!

    Walter I Barinaga

  7. Truly sad residents can’t break down Amazon boxes. Consider it an upper body work out and cancel your personal trainer!

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