Mayor: We Have A Plan

The Mayor’s Comments at the January 26th commission meeting Mayor Raul Valdes Fauli gave an update and praise for the city’s plan for COVID-19 distribution partnering with both public and private partnerships. Although his comments were vague and full of praise for the ‘plan’, the reality is Coral Gables has merely submitted to the County and FL Department of Health a request for distribution.

There is no imminent plan for distribution. There is no hotline to call for Coral Gables vaccines and there is no ‘list’ to be placed on. The federal government announced that it will be coordinating with the state to have federal distribution sites despite Governor DeSantis’ insistence the state can do it better through various community access points such as CVS and Publix.

Earlier this month we reported Coral Gables was given a small vaccine allocation which was meant for the city’s already identified homebound residents. These residents are identified by the fire department and emergency operations as those needing mobility assistance during hurricanes. However, vaccines quickly ran out at the Adult Activity Center and there is no word yet on replenishment.

In addition, County Mayor Daniela Levin Cava signed an emergency order giving the county more authority and control over vaccine distributions as local hospital systems overbooked appointments as vaccine vial counts became constrained from the federal government.

We have asked the city for a copy of the plan submitted to state and county officials. Updates will be provided.

Mayor’s Comments:

“ I think that we can all agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating globally. However, the vaccine provides us with optimism.

The challenge continues lowering the positivity rate.

Our Emergency Management Department through the Fire Department continue to seek any and all opportunities to make vaccines available to our residents. We have a plan in place to dispense vaccines that involves our personnel as well public and private partnerships.

Thanks Chief De La Rosa and team.”


5 thoughts on “Mayor: We Have A Plan

  1. We have an appointment for the second Moderna vaccine at the Adult Activity Center on 2/12 are you keeping the appointment?

  2. Can the Mayor stop metered parking, it saddened me on Sunday walking along Ponce and Miracle Mile and cars were being ticketed. Save local businesses FREE PARKING

  3. Need a Mayor who can fight for us and put us first. Need mandates to mask up…have you walked by Downtown Gables on a Friday night? Giralda is filled with wall to wall people wi th hout masks…yes its outside seating, but when you have people on top of people it doesn’t matter if you’re outsider. More could be done to curb the spread in the Gables

  4. My husband and I have appointments at Adult Activity Center for our 2nd shot on 2/11.

  5. Unacceptable’plan’ or rather NON existant plan . I am 74 and vulnerable healthwise


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