Burger Bob’s Lease Extended Through March 31st

Ariel Fernandez

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Burger Bob’s has received a new lease extension, this one through March 31st. An extension which could potentially be the last one for the restaurant.

Bob’s, which had been scheduled to close its doors on August 31st of last year, was able to secure a lease extension at the July City Commission meeting, which ran the lease through December 31st of last year with month-to-month options to follow.

The City had been, and is continuing to seek a permanent tenant for the location, which has been in operation under the management of veteran Bob Magruire for over 27 years.

The extension runs through March 31st, which coincides with the City’s intended start timeline for the renovations of the adjacent golf pro-shop. The pro-shop renovations are currently under RFP to secure a contractor.

As for Bob’s, the City did a new RFP last month, which concluded with three proposals for the location. Gables Insider has requested copies of the proposals, but they will not be made available until 30 days after the process concluded. We are lead to believe that longtime Bob’s manager, Rita Tennyson is one of the proposers with the Barreto Group being a second. The name of the third is still unconfirmed.


3 thoughts on “Burger Bob’s Lease Extended Through March 31st

  1. Went to Bob’s for the first time in years the other day (walked, actually), and it was better than I remembered. It was also nice to have something within walking distance of my house. The prices are fabulous. It will be a shame to see it go, and an even bigger shonda if it is replaced by the fancy pants, uber-expensive, chic place the city seems intent on ramming down residents’ throats.
    Find something that fits the character of the neighborhood and can be profitable without being overpriced and out of place. After all, once the Mel Reese golf course is turned into a soccer arena, there will probably be more people coming to Granada Golf Course. You don’t need to overbuild.

    The area is dangerous with all the cars, pedestrians, golfers, bicyclists, etc. (especially all the idiots who walk on the street in black in the dark). Adding the traffic necessary to make Barreto’s place profitable will only make things worse. Someone will get killed.

    The city really seems to be striking out on many different fronts (I echo “Sick of Coral Gables'” post). While we need tax revenue to grow, alienating residents is really not a good way to go about that.

    Smarten up Gables!

  2. Coral Gables is screwing up right and left. From overdevelopment to a ridiculous parking garage to WAWA to the Lejune parking site to Miracal Mile. ENOUGH. The citizens love Burger Bob’s. Work with them to stay permanently. We are sick of all your messes and do not want a high end restaurant in a residential area. We will not go and support it anyway which will cause its demise. Now listen to us!!!

  3. We have so many empty spaces on the Mile that were restaurants before why does the Barreto Group insist in changing a peaceful & beautiful residential neighborhood with his idea to replace Bob’s Burger? The City & its residents will be better served if the Barreto Group leases, buys or remodels any of the empty commercial spaces and why not with a Roof Top restaurant, Lounge or Bistro.
    NOT on Granada Blvd, North & South Greenway!!!

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