Burger Bobs Lease To Be Extended Through December 31st

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Over the last several weeks, many in the community had been reaching out to the Commission to seek a way to keep Burger Bobs, the diner at the Granada Golf Course, open.

In a letter from the City, Bobs had been informed that their lease would be allowed to expire on August 31st of this year and no renewal was going to be made available.

The City had already gone to Request For Proposal (RFP) for a new tenant for the location next to the golf shop at the Granada Golf Course.

Bobs has been an institution in Coral Gables for over 27 years.

Its staff, including resident favorite, Rita Tennyson have been with the diner almost since its opening.

A last minute add to the Commission, Commissioner Kirk Menendez added this pocket item to the agenda, seeking to find a resolution that would give Bob’s extra time and the community more time to enjoy it.

Although staff, in particular Acting City Manager Ed Santamaria, were seemingly reluctant to grant any extensions, the Commission came together and agreed to grant Bobs an extension through the end of 2021 and go month-to-month from there until a new tenant is ready to begin the necessary repairs to the aging space.

Menendez also asked any members of the community with the knowledge to do so, to reach out to help Rita with the proposal she will be submitting to take over the space.


11 thoughts on “Burger Bobs Lease To Be Extended Through December 31st

  1. i love the ideas of private public.partnership also or private funding in addition to my thoughts. lets keep Burger Bobs open.

  2. Kudos to Commissioner Kirk Menendez for sponsoring the extension of the lease for Burger Bob’s. Not only is.it a Gables institution but it represents the City Beautiful. I understand they are struggling financially but there must be alternatives.to assist them to renovate the restaurant rather than terminate the lease and replace it. Perhaps.there is a foundation or other dedicated source of city revenue to assist them
    i dont know much about the club or stream of revenue from green fees but.perhaps that is worth visiting. i hope you share my comment. i have reached out to the Economic Development to make further inquiry.

  3. Auction off all that modern art (no offense the artists ). thrown around the City that doesn’t blend in well with CG’s architecture and use it to freshen up Bob’s (if you must); otherwise, leave the place be. Let it take its natural course or follow Bill Anthony’s idea which. I think is great! I don’t think that a “great city” is achieved with just brick and mortar, and a new stylish restaurant. Providing opportunity and upward mobility is a distinguishing element.

  4. Can we please, just leave something alone for once in our city? Must everything be on the chopping block? To Lou S. – Yes, I have brought out-of-town guests to Bob’s. Is it a time capsule? Yes, and that is why we like it. I like that it’s cash only. No loud music, windows to view our beautiful Granada golf course, simple menu, nice staff. I swear, if the Statue of Liberty were up for sale, I bet someone out there would buy it and tear it down without a care. History is very important to us; that is why we choose to live in Coral Gables.

  5. Burger Bob and his crew run a restaurant that reflects the heart and soul of Coral Gables. I have been going there for many years to enjoy the good food, great servicelow prices, and the companionship of Coral Gable’s best.

    Please don’t end our favorite Coral Gables restaurant.

    Taylor Larimore

  6. I guess there is a bit of nostalgia in all of us who live in this beautiful city, and have either been to Bobs, or have heard of him and his pleasing personality. Why can we get an idea of what it would take to bring Bob’s up to par. We can start a drive to create a partnership that could finance the renovation of the Diner. Financing the renovation thru either a financial institution or private funding could work to keep Bob’s and the dream of days gone by, Alive

  7. I’m all for keeping Coral Gables authentic and homey, but, come on guys, this place is in MAJOR need of renovation. Would you honestly bring an out-of-town friend for lunch there? I hope they can obtain the funds, but, otherwise, it’s time to move on.

  8. I grew up on Alhambra the place was a go to for great breakfast way before Bobs I own my own Restaurant in Tampa it’s hard for an independent to compete sounds like Bobs is a known product putting some on else in could fail think twice and what if people decide to boycott new place

  9. Rather than giving the space to a deep pocket bidder, why doesn’t the city partner with Bob’s in a public private venture. They could also partner with the local high school and lower income parts of the community to have jobs and training for the restaurant industry. There are so many possibilities for better use of this spot than giving it up to the highest bidder.

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