Temporary Moratorium Placed On New Development; Blue Ribbon Committee Created

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A measure that was first suggested by a resident at the development workshop and followed up by a resident petition has now unanimously been approved by the Commission.

At the July 13th City Commission meeting, the Commission approved a moratorium on all new development applications and pending applications regarding Mediterranean bonuses through, at least, the August 24th Commission meeting.

The measure was presented by Commission Rhonda Anderson and led to a two hour discussion, including a question and answer period with former chair of the City’s Board of Architects Felix Pardo.

Anderson’s proposal originally called for a 120 day moratorium in order to allow for the creation of a blue ribbon committee to review the Mediterranean bonus ordinance and process.

The other members of the Commission were reluctant to go along with a 120 day moratorium. In fact, they did not want one at all.

However, Anderson and Pardo were able to convince the Commission that if a moratorium was not enacted during the blue ribbon committee’s review, developers would be allowed to start new applications with a process and regulations that could be changing during this process.

The Commission preferred a month-to-month approach, but requested that a blue ribbon committee begin working as soon as possible

Blue Ribbon Committee

The Commission voted to create a blue ribbon committee made up of 7 members. Pardo (appointed by Anderson) Glenn Pratt (a current member of the Board of Architects who was recommended by Pardo and appointed by the Commission-as-a-whole), the City Architect and architects appointed by the remaining four members of the Commission. Pardo offered to send Commissioners a list of suggested names for their consideration.

The committee is slated to hold its first meeting on Monday, July 19th and report back to the Commission at the August 24th meeting.


7 thoughts on “Temporary Moratorium Placed On New Development; Blue Ribbon Committee Created

  1. The meeting was a joke. All we saw were old architects stroking themselves and each other over old projects. Thanks for wasting our time.

  2. A Blue Ribbon Committee, made up exclusively of…the same architects who represent the same developers!!! 😂😂😂
    This doesn’t bode well.

  3. This is a good move that will allow the city to evaluate the med bonus and perhaps decide if the juice is worth the squeeze. Merrick and his design is to be promoted, but not at the expense of taller and bigger buildings.

  4. This is an excellent decision by our governing Board. As a 40 year resident of Coral Gables, I have lived through the architectural changes seen throughout our City. It is my opinion that overall they have been positive, as we transition our community to the reality of today’s living. Our aging population warranted the development of rental properties for a younger demographic, with the reasonable strategy that, once able to purchase a property, their love of Coral Gables will entice them to stay. Our business community has grown and now includes a strong multi-national presence. Our property taxes are balanced by the significant tax base of these projects. We can all opine positively or negatively about specifics issues. But none of us want to leave the Gables, a further testament of overall positive and sensible decisions aimed at the future.
    Now, let’s make sure the Blue Ribbon Committee exercises judicious due diligence to ensure we remain a City entrenched in the aesthetic values of its origin.

  5. Too little too late. You have already paved over downtown Gables and putt hose hideous buildings on U.S. 1 that abut the sidewalk and the highway. Condos for *800k & above with less than 100sq. feet.
    The remodel of Miracle Mile that gave gigantic sidewalks that nobody uses, putting the Mom and Pop shops out of business as construction lasted longer than a year. If you want sidewalk chairs and tables you have to lease them from the City at ridiculous prices. The whole building and zoning department os a corrupt joke. The City Commission and Mayors past and present are in cahoots with developers. The whole thing is a joke. But just try to get a permit to pave your driveway. You need to hire a permit specialist to navigate the absurd requirements, and God forbid YOU are within an inch of set back laws. I hope they do a sting.

  6. Mediterranean Bonus- please correct me if I am wrong- the moratorium is ONLY for buildings requesting to get away from following the building & zoning codes ( i.e. go higher and wider etc ) in exchange for ‘an arch’ on a window. They can still construct ugly square buildings following 100% of zoning and building codes. The Residents & City should also consider these modern buildings that do not currently conform to a mediterranean theme.

  7. a 30 day moritorium is a band-aid on a deadly cancer.

    we can no longer count on the city commissioners to do their job, to save our city.

    we, the people, must take control, lawfully.

    we, the people, must have a special election on a PERMANENT moritorium!

    we— not the city commissioners— decide the fate of our city!

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