Petition Requests Moratorium On New Development Pending Resident-Led Review Of Approval Process

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Over-development has been a concern for most residents in the City for several years. The rapid growth of development, encroachment into residential neighborhoods and lack of parking, safety and traffic solutions have led residents to express their concerns at City Commission meetings and workshops.

One resident has taken a step at reviewing the process of development approval, before any other projects move forward.

Longtime Coral Gables resident and active Commission participant, Maria Cruz, started a petition on titled, “Place a building moratorium in Coral Gables now!”

The text of the petition reads as follows:

Overdevelopment is taking over Coral Gables. As residents we must demand that the process of approving development be reviewed. In order to insure this we ask the Commission to take certain steps:

1.  place an immediate moratorium on all development in the City.

2.  create a resident panel to review the development approval process in the City,

3.  request the Commission to act on the recommendations made by the panel before lifting the moratorium.

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21 thoughts on “Petition Requests Moratorium On New Development Pending Resident-Led Review Of Approval Process

  1. the petition for a moratorium is like placing a band-aid on terminal cancer.

    the band-aid won’t end the cancer.

    the petition won’t end the over-development.

    a special election ends over-development.

  2. Please do that! It already went so far!
    We need to protect our city. We have decide to live here because the way how it was, 13 years ago! And now it is change in a way we did not want
    We pay our taxes , so we have the right to decide to keep our city as a quite residential one.

  3. I avoid anywhere near “downtown Gables” at all costs. The damage is already irreparable. But we can still fight for the rest of the Gables. However, I have had enough, and I am leaving the Gables and my absurd property tax bill. And the sneering condescension of the city employees, whose generous salaries and outrageous pensions I pay for.

  4. Declare them Historic!

    In the residential historic districts there are what’s called “contributing” & non-contributing structures. The contributing homes can’t be demolished.

    Why can’t we declare all of the significant downtown buildings “contributing” to stop the aesthetic casualties/ the demolitions in the business district?

  5. Development is a right. I believe the site specific zoning should be enforced 100% not an inch more of height or FAR. Set up a resident group to oversee no back room deals are done.

  6. First let me thank everyone who has signed the petition and also those who have commented here. Thanks to Gables Insider, also.
    Now, more than ever, after the Surfside tragedy, it is imperative to put an end to this madness. I have been told that we have buildings with underground garages that flood very often, especially when we have heavy downpours, even though they have pumps because pumps fail! Should our City encourage developers to build underground garages, some even under our streets? When is our City going to wake up? Do we need to have a tragedy like Surfside before we do something about it?
    Please contact our elected officials and administrators to ask for an immediate stop until we are completely sure that we will not have a disaster in our City Beautiful!

  7. Thanks are due to everyone who has signed the petition and all of you for the comments. Now, more than ever, after the Surfside tragedy, we must demand a halt to this madness. Let’s start by inspecting the already built structures. I have heard that we have some buildings that have massive flooding very often? Some underground garages that flood whenever we have heavy downpours even though they have pumps? Pumps that sometimes fail? Anyone concerned? Should the City encourage underground parking, some under our streets?
    Please contact our elected officials and the City Administrators!!

  8. Great work Maria Cruz for starting this petition! I went in this morning and signed it. By the way, I was a little disappointed of the small number of signatures gathered, (only 90!). Please go ahead and sign this petition if you really care about the future of our City, it only takes a minute. As we know, this can be a very effective way to send a clear message to our elected officials to do what’s right for our City.

  9. MAYBE IF ONE SAYS ENOUGH TIMES. The issue is bigger than new construction. It is about the preservation of our city’s historic fabric. It is about preserving our unique quality of life. The issue not more “Mediterranean-STYLE” construction, it is about less construction. Period. Coral Gables touts itself as a champion of sustainability yet continues its permitting of demolitions of good old buildings only to approve mediocre new ones. Just recently a whole neighborhood block was demolished to make way for a 10+ story condo. Sustainability should include advocating for a kinder, greener and healthier resolution. Why deconstruct to construct? Why not preserve and re-purpose? Maybe embracing a new paradigm shift may lead to better planning for the city’s built environment.

  10. Thanks, Maria, for your moratorium proposal. It is an excellent idea to slow down the “piñata” like giving of building permits to developers by our official’s.

  11. Brava Maria. Thank you for taking the initiative. I will gladly sign the petition – we need to halt this runaway high-rise development syndrome which has already done irreparable damage to the city we love.
    – Paul Posnak
    829 Catalonia Ave.

  12. I have lived in Coral Gables for over 30 years. I live in the South end because I would never ever live on the west side of US1. This area has been destroyed by poor leadership and poor vision. They promised the construction would bring people to the area and save Miracle Mile. It has actually destroyed it. I have not stepped foot onto Miracle Mile or the surrounding area in over 9 years. Why should I. Traffic, NO PARKING and I will NOT use garages and it looks like a concrete jungle. Our City has been destroyed and the leadership keeps giving land to developers to build more. Go ahead, destroy what is left, but it is time to remove Mena, Fors and if Menendez votes for construction, him too. It is time we take back what is left of our City. This was so unfair as you all work for us and you have not even listened to us. Coral Gables is loosing all its luster for what? Tax dollars to fix your deficit or money to help your developer friends get richer at our expense. Not one more construction site should be approved from this day forward. NOT ONE !!!!!!!!

  13. Have you seen how many accidents occur on Ponce De Leon Blvd???!!! this is because of overdevelopment in our city. Walking and try to cross a street is very dangerous since cars speed a double the limit, and right turn only streets are a joke I have seen more than 16 cars and trucks go straight or turn left. Maybe cameras is a solution or traffic lights. And if you are a cyclist OMG

  14. The big developers and city officials are laughing at you and me. They are laughing because you and I can’t get our city officials to pass a law for a permanent moratorium on all future buildings in our city.

    Yet, we really don’t need the city officials..

    You and I can do it ourselves.


    We must stand up for ourselves.

    We must have a SPECIAL ELECTION.

    In a SPECIAL ELECTION, we— not the big developers and city officials— decide no more over-development in our city.

    An election ties the hands of the big developers and city officials. They must obey an election.

    So, let’s stop complaining that city hall ignores us, that the big developers think we are weak.

    Let’s act: special election!!!!!! special election!!!!!!special election!!!!!!

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