Candy Kakouris Appointed Director Of The Coral Gables Country Club

Official City of Coral Gables Notice

The City of Coral Gables Community Recreation Department has named Candy Kakouris, Director of the Coral Gables Golf and Country Club. She will oversee all aspects of the facility’s operations including membership recruitment and relations, special event planning, management, and budgeting, and be the point person for all the ongoing improvement projects the city is undertaking to refurbish and upgrade the club.

“Candy’s background and experience in the hospitality industry coupled with her long-time passion for our city’s history and architecture make her ideally suited for this new role,” said Fred Couceyro, Community Recreation director. “As a Coral Gables native and resident, she understands the vital role the country club can play in building community. Throughout the years she has built strong relationships throughout South Florida and particularly in Coral Gables, important as we look to grow membership and events at the club.”

Kakouris has more than three decades of professional experience in hospitality, training and development, human resources, management, sales, and event planning. For the past eight years she was Director of The Club at the Biltmore Hotel. In that role she managed day-to-day operations of this private club. She coordinated promotions, recruitment, and special events for the more than 1,200 club members.

For two years she led training and development at the Biltmore Hotel. She also worked at the Miami Herald Media company as Manager of Advertising Sales Training and Development Manager and at the Conrad-Hilton Miami managing their training program. Throughout the years she has also held numerous roles in advertising sales.

She is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Miami Hotel and Motel Association. Kakouris attended Rhodes University in Memphis.


12 thoughts on “Candy Kakouris Appointed Director Of The Coral Gables Country Club

  1. As another somewhat disgruntled club member, I hope that Ms. Kakouris takes some actions to improve the fitness center. There were literally zero upgrades or improvements made to the fitness center during the closure. We now have less exercise equipment than before (and the new cardio equipment appears to the the cheapest money can buy) and yet we are being charged more than what the prior operators were charging. We were also deceived into believing that the pool would be opening soon and it’s been two months with no end in sight.

  2. Welcome, another addition to the city’s pension liability. Great job, commissioners!

  3. Congratulations Candy! Well deserved! We will be missing you at the Biltmore though, but we are looking forward for the new restaurant and events at the Coral Gables Country Club which you will be managing. Best of luck!

  4. I’m thrilled to see that Candy will be managing the country club, although this is a big loss for the Biltmore. She has so much institutional memory. She is the type of person who should be cloned😀. Hearty congratulations!

  5. Excellent Selection! Congratulations Candy! She will do a great job and bring the Coral Gables Club to it’s best!

  6. I am moving to the Gables next month and was contemplating joining the club. After reading the positive comments on Candy’s appointment I have decided to join the club!!!

  7. As a somewhat disgruntled member of the club, I am delighted to read this news! Maybe now we will have some umbrellas and lounges that are not broken… it won’t take much to make us happy at this point!

  8. Candy Kakoris is an excellent choice! She has a lot on her plate but with her experience and skill set, I have high hopes for success! Now, let’s get the Club, Burger Bob’s and the old Liberty Cafe space up and running. I am still embarrassed on behalf of our City officials for the POLICE closure of the Liberty Cafe and the incredible waste of money that ensued as a result of that ridiculous maneuver and hope that a lesson has been learned. Only time will tell …..

  9. The City couldn’t have made a better choice of directors! Candy Kakouris is a life-long contributor to the Coral Gables community and has a seller record at the Biltmore Hotel. She’s a brilliant mentor, manager, planner and the creative force behind the epic events at the Club at the Biltmore. Welcome Candy! Thank you for accepting this massive challenge!

  10. Seems to be way to much and too many tasks for one person to handle successfully. Wish her the best of luck .

  11. What happened to Burger Bob’s? Rita? Did City Manager Peter Igelsias have his way and end them?

  12. What a great opportunity for the Coral Gables community to have Candy Kakoris in this role. Her years of experience and knowledge in this area will bring the Club to new heights.


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