Canes Baseball: Canes Take Mid-Week Game From Stetson, 11-2

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
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Coming off a series win against Penn State, Stetson revisits Miami after a convincing three-game sweep against Manhattan. Miami has vivid memories of the last time they met in April of last year and the Hatters handed the Canes a 12-4 beating. Miami was looking for payback and payback they got convincingly returning the favor with a blown-out affair with a 11-2 shellacking behind 13 hits including another trio of downtown specials. The offensive machine executed early, unleashing all of their frustration from not having a strong showing this past weekend. The Boys Were Back In Town  putting on an awesome display of raw power with three runs in the first and 5 more in the 5th which for the most part sealed the outcome of the game.

Miami with two mid-week games, Gino decided the best course of action would be to pitch by committee. The BP answered the call and delivered 9 innings of quality baseball. By the 7th inning, all the starting position players had been replaced giving everyone the opportunity to place their stamp on tonight’s victory. The one standout of those entering the game late was Jacoby Long who last year came in during the late innings for his defensive play and had hoped to have gotten the starting call this year in CF except for the presence of Dario Gomez joining the team to take the starting role. Tonight, he showed Gino that he deserves more showtime with a solid hit RBI double down the left-field line scoring JD Jones. JD also threw his hat into the ring with his showing at the plate tonight. Although hit by pitch, he hit a foul ball that went for miles. During preseason, his bat was one of the most consistent on the team, and in the duel among the three catchers, I believe he made some points in moving up the charts, especially after Jack Scanlon’s performance tonight who is another of the three catchers competing for the job. However, it was the BP pitchers that shined tonight, topping the list was starter Alejandro Torres. He earned high marks in his performance tonight, striking out 7 of the 11 batters he faced. An unknown, who tonight became a KNOWN.

A couple of surprise changes in the lineup with Blake Cyr starting at second over Dorian. Most likely Gino’s way of rewarding him for his 2-4 showing on Sunday. After today’s showing, Dorian might have concerns about whether he still has his starting position as the young freshman displayed his prowess with the bat. Another surprise seeing the name of Alejandro Torres tonight’s starter. His name was definitely totally unexpected. Everyone was thinking of either Rafe Schlesinger or Ronaldo Gallo. Gino utilized both over the weekend and probably wanted to rest their arms. Last year, the BP was overworked and it showed by season’s end. Ben Chestnutt was another option to be considered. Neither of these three are high on my charts, but Alejandro Torres’s statement on the mound tonight now becomes I believe the lead entry for mid-week starter.

The Sleeping Giant finally burst forth out of its cocoon tonight and put on a showing that everyone has been waiting for. We thought we saw it Saturday night until they crawl back into hibernation Sunday with a lackluster performance at the plate. However, In tonight’s first inning, the Miami Hurricanes showed the Miami faithful that they are back and they are here to stay. Let’s hope so. They struck with three runs in the first with Yoyo highlighting it with a 456-foot towering shot to LF landing well inside the soccer field. Edgardo and CJ were waiting for Yoyo at home plate preceding him around the bases to give Miami an early 3-0 lead.

Two innings later, it was Yoyo Time once again crushing it this time with a 443 bomb which I thought had gone farther than HR #1. I am a mere mortal and my aging eyes, I guess are playing tricks, but it definitely appeared to outdistance #1. CJ was once again on base via a walk to extend the lead now at 5-0. Not done yet, Zach starts the chain of events all over again with a walk to be followed by freshman Blake Cyr recording his 1st HR as a Cane to right center traveling 390 feet. Not ready to call it quits at 4 runs, Carlos Perez singles following the HR. Back to the top of the order, Dario Gomez reaches first, E5, and with runners on 1st and 2nd Edgardo singles up the middle for the 5th run of the inning. 10 batters made their appearance in the 3rd at the plate.

In the 4th, the Hatters finally struck back with a homer of the own coming after Chris Scinta managed to get the first two outs narrowing it to 8-1

The Machine is cranking and why stop now?  With one out in the 4th, back-to-back singles came from Yoyo and Zach. Two outs, and Blake, coming off his HR the preceding inning, picks up another two RBIs to add to his already two with a double down the RF line.

5th and 6th innings all was quiet. In the 6th Gino started pulling the starters out and with the players taking the field in the 7th, there wasn’t one position player that started left to be seen on the field. The dugout was picked clean and the starting 8 was given a well-earned rest.

Hitting production almost fell to zero with the exception of Jacoby Long who came in for Dario in the 7th to play centerfield. Runner on first, JD Jones (HP), Jacoby rips a scorcher down the LF line for a double scoring JD all the way from first. 11-1 end of seven.

The Hatters not waving the white flag just yet had one last parting shot in the 8th  with a solo shot to lead off the 8th to left surrendered by Gunther Braendel. Sebastian Perez on the mound ended tonight’s game with a final of 11-2.

Offensively, it was a night where everything seemed to go just right. Only two of the starting nine (Ian Farrow, Dominic Pitelli) failed to get a hit. For Yoyo, it was just another day at the office with a pair of HRs, 5 RBIs, stolen base, and the catch of the night. He was joined by freshman Blake Cyr entering tonight batting 400 (2-5)only to see his average climb going 2-3 with his first HR and a double givin him 4 RBIs. Both players making impressive statements.  One other player with multiple numbers. That being Zach Levenson who has been on an absolute tear. Already batting .500 (5-10) with two HRs and 4 RBIs add two more hits for a 2-2 evening and throw in a walk. Along with the 3HRs, three doubles were added to the treasure chest: Dario Gomez, Jacoby Long, and Blake Cyr.

Pitching was the big surprise tonight. Five pitchers (Alejandro Torres, Chris Scinta, Carlos Lequerica, Gunther Braendel, Sebastian Perez) had a collective 14 strikeouts without giving up a single walk and allowing for just two runs both coming each with one swing of the bat. It was definitely a good night from our BP. Coming out of the night a new name has joined the mix of possible starters for mid-week. Alejandro Torres jumped all the way to the top of the charts, pitching 3 solid innings of scoreless ball, striking out 7, and only allowing two hits.

Gino has to pull out his crystal ball now to come up with tomorrow’s starter against Indian State. The BP will get their chance to once again to show that I have been wrong in my evaluation of their skill level and the reserves will definitely have their opportunity to boost their standing in their drive to get more playing time. Expect to see some changes in tomorrow’s lineup based on today’s performances.

First pitch 7PM.


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