Canes Continue Rolling Strong, Score 17 Against FIU

Mike Kaffee

Hurricanes Baseball Reporter
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Crosstown showdown for the bragging right for the 305. Miami on a 9 game win streak looking to make it #10 was not about the Panthers stand in their way. A win would be would put them two games closer to the 12 game win streak set back in 2016. The Canes played with ferocity ripping into the Panthers that after 4 innings the Panthers were stunned into submission with a barrage of 15 runs on 14 hits. Jake Garland recorded his 5th win pitching 8 innings in his best performance to date just allowing a lone run in the 8th to mar his shutout. It was the 2nd inning that was the backbreaker for the Panthers where Miami put up 8 runs on 6 hits including HRs by Edgardo and Dominic accounting for 5 of the 8 runs. The offense was relentless in their attack on the FIU pitchers. The 4th inning almost emptied the Canes dugout when Edgardo appeared to have been targeted by the frustrated FIU pitcher being brushed back having the ball thrown behind him. CJ had just sent the 4th HR out of the park and Edgardo was already the recipient of two HRs tonight and almost a third appeared to reach the breaking point of Richie Pena. Both managers had to cool down their respective benches and smart heads prevailed removing Pena from the game. At that point, the score was 15-0. Gino brought in the reserves and relevant calm settled among the Miami batters until the 8th inning when their bats reignited for 5 hits scoring two. Miami convincingly waved the 305 flag as the Best of the Best and earned the bragging right for 2022.

Lineup unchanged 1-6. Zach Levenson moved up to bat in the 7th slot playing RF. Dorian batting 8th and a new face in the line batting 9th and catching JD Jones. Max was given the night off behind the plate but still in the mix as the DH. Jake Garland settling in as our mid-week starter on the mound. No word as to Jordan Dubberly who left yesterday’s game at the start of the 5th.  In uniform tonight and appeared healthy. See if he is utilized this weekend in relief.

The Miami bats didn’t start smoking until the 2nd inning. They got things warming up in the first with 396′ out of here by Edgardo his second of the year. Miami was just getting started on making this ballgame into a rout. In the second inning, Miami poured on the heat sending 12 players to the plate and coming away with 8 runs on 6 hits. Jacob Burke started the hitting with a lead-off single continuing his hitting streak at 10. Up steps Dominic and out steps the ball 380 feet to left-center to bring in the first two runs of the inning. Dorian and CJ each with walks bringing to the plate Edgardo with two outs. For the second time in as many innings, it is bye-bye birdie, 408′,  off the center-field wall for three more runs. The hits keep coming with a pair of singles from Yoyo and Max. Jacob is hit by pitch to load the bases and Dominic on his second trip around adds two more RBIs to his already two this inning with a single. Runners now on the corners, Dominic steal second drawing the throw unwisely from the catcher which Jacob takes advantage of scoring the 8th run of the inning.

The runs continued in the third with three consecutive singles by Dorian, JD and CJ scoring Dorian. With 2 HRs in the first two innings Edgardo has the opportunity of doing what No Cane has done before, hitting 3 HRs in the first 3 innings. The ball off his bat was long and high enough which makes it to the warning track in right hitting the wall for an RBI double. Edgardo is definitely out of his slump. At the end of three, Miami had extended its lead to 11-0.

Not done yet, 4 more in the 4th. Initial run on a SF by Dorian after Jacob and Dominic led off with a pair of singles and Zach hit by pitch. With two on, the 4th homer of the night. This being the longest coming off the bat of CJ Kayfus going 420′ to right scoring JD and Zach.

At 15-0 the end of 4, it was game, match, point for the Canes, and the starters are given a well-earned rest and the dugout is emptied. It was all quiet for the next three innings by both teams. Jake was stroking along without a care in the world. Only allowing 4 hits through 7 scoreless innings having thrown 85 pitches Gino decides to keep the BP fresh for the weekend and brings Jake out to pitch the 8th. The Panthers finally break the zeros across the board with a pair of opening singles and three consecutive unassisted groundouts to first score their lone run taking Jake’s shutout away.

Miami answers in the bottom half of the 8th with three straight singles by Dominic, Mike Rosario, and Henry Wallen ( first collegiate hit). Base loaded RBI single by JD and a confusing ending DP RBI single by Gaby which wasn’t really clarified on how the DP came about. The flyout by Gaby was dropped by the RF or did he? JD got a late start not knowing if the ball was caught or not got thrown out at second, but not before Rosario scored. I am not going to try to figure out whether the ball was caught or not in right and dropped during the transfer. If caught, how did Gaby get credited with a single and where did the 3rd out come from? At 17-1, one of the great mysteries left unanswered. Gino didn’t argued the point and the Panthers were embarrassed enough and wanted to return their part of the town with their tails between their Panther legs and think of maybe next year.

Offensively, it was a night to remember with 19 hits and only one starter, Zach, without a hit. 5 players in multiple number: CJ Kayfus 2-3 (HR,4RBI); Edgardo Villegas 3-4 (2HR,double,5RBIs); Jacob Burke 2-2; Dominic Pitelli 4-5(HR.4RBIs);JD Jones 2-5(RBI). It was a night where the bats were lit up and hopefully will continue to do so with the upcoming series with Virginia to probably determine the Coastal Champions. This weekend will be the true test on whether this was a fluke or if we are gearing up and Omaha bound.  All will be played out in the biggest series this season starting at 7PM. Let the fireworks commence. 


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