Carnaval On The Mile Returns This Weekend

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Carnaval on the Mile returns this weekend, March 4th and 5th, to Miracle Mile.

The two-day festival brings a mix of food, art and music to the heart of Coral Gables.

The event is part of the Carnaval Miami festivities hosted by the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana.

“Carnaval on the Mile is a weekend-long festival of art, world music, fine cuisine, craft cocktails, and children’s entertainment. The celebration hosts two concert stages, a mile of paintings, crafts, photography and jewelry of the highest caliber creating a cultural experience for the enjoyment of all age groups,” states the official Carnaval Miami press release.

““We are honored to continue this long-standing tradition year after year in Miami,” said Kiwanis Club of Little Havana President, Alex Perez “Carnaval Miami 2023 has been organized in celebration of the vibrant and welcoming culture of the Hispanic Community and we look forward to sharing this experience with all of you.”

For a full schedule of performances, see the Entertainment Guide below.


11 thoughts on “Carnaval On The Mile Returns This Weekend

  1. Sorry Klaus… missed the pi$$ on Christ comment 🙄
    Maybe this is why I don’t call myself a Christian

    Klaus and Miami Gal…
    Not all folks in our internationally, recognized as blended community, is Christian.
    Not all Christians would agree with your harsh assessment.
    And Klaus… $hithole? For real? Sheesh…

  3. The Carnival on the Mile is a WONDERFUL EVENT.

    I encourage people to come to Miracle Mile and have a truly great time.

    Jackson Rip Holmes
    Miracle Mile property owner

  4. Respect and tolerate,

    I’m very disappointed with the people who claim to be Christian & show Little or no RESPECT for Jesus.

    Jesus reduced the 10 Commandments to only 2: Love God with all your heart, soul, mind & Love thy neighbor as thyself.

    Carnival during Lent is disrespectful and in violation of the Greatest Commandment to Love God. Calling me a looney is in violation of the second greatest commandment: to love thy neighbor.

    Christians have been partying hard for over a thousand years, but there’s a proper time for everything. Are we surrounded by ignorant people, or bad people [even in government] who blatantly piss on Christ?

  5. To Klaus and Miami Gal. Seems that the one that don’t have respect to others are you too. First of all not everybody is Christian and second how dare you say and judge who is a REAL Christian. What a looney…

  6. ALL OF YOU: Coral Gables’ Commissioners, Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, Business Operators, Archdiocese of Miami. Y’all should try to time this event fittingly to the occasion. We DO HAVE A GREAT number of Christians living in Miami and the Gables. PLEASE respect our religious customs. IT WILL BE NOTICED. Klaus: You are so right! Yes, Carnival Miami should be held BEFORE LENT starts on Ash Wednesday; same as it’s done in many other parts of the world, besides New Orleans and Mobile; where they start celebrating weeks before, and all festivities culminate on Fat Tuesday. This year, Fat Tuesday fell on February 21st. Why are the Kiwanis and all the other organizers choosing the wrong season? Come on guys! Try to do better in the future, and plan it on the weekend before Fat Tuesday. DO IT RIGHT. This event should have been held on the weekend of Feb 18th-19th. 2 weeks ago. REAL Christians will not only appreciate your better judgement, but will FLOCK to this event, if held at the appropriate time. I and my family and many of our friends, have never attended for the same reasons as Klaus mentions. Debauchery, excesses, partying, etc.. should be held by Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the Lent Season of 40 days before Easter Sunday. During Lent, Christians labor on reflecting in becoming better people. It’s a period of purification and reflection, fasting or giving up certain foods/alcohol, etc.. serving others, and engaging in prayer. All Christians that FAITHFULLY observe Lent, will not attend a Carnival event during Lent. Partying, drinking and all that is off during this time. Then on Easter Sunday, celebrations start again. If held before Lent, we would definitely enjoy the festivities, as we all should. Hope this message finds open minded organizers to reflect on this, and make it a worthier event for all to join. Come on, you Christians reading this: Share in your comments, to show the Kiwanis and other organizers, that timing this event during the real carnival season, is the way to do it going forwards. Thanks!

  7. SHAME ON MIAMI & GABLES! How disrespectful to Jesus Christ. The Resurrection & Birth of Christ are the two (2) MOST IMPORTANT events of the last millenia. Christianity is the backbone of modern Western, European Civilization.

    We’re now in Lent. Partying/ carnivals/ Mardi Gras should be before Lent. Bunch of Greedy, anti-Christian, Atheist Merchants controlling government. Even Thanksgiving (shopping season) is Anti Christian, meant to detract importance from Christmas, the birth of Christ. Christians used to also fast for forty (40) days before, in expectation of Christmas. We have lost our way & thus our society is in turmoil. Money is the God of the United States. Hungry Merchants buy everyone, politicians, etc. Shame on the Archdiocese of Miami for not stopping Carnaval Miami & Gables Carnival from happening during this time of year. NO RESPECT. Miami & the Gables is, paraphrasing Trump, a shithole, of atheist, communists from abroad.

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