First Candidate Forum Set For Thursday (3/2)

Ariel Fernandez

Founder & Editor
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The first candidate forum for the 2023 Coral Gables Municipal Election is set for Thursday, March 2nd at 7:00PM.

The Virtual Forum is being hosted by Friends of Gables High, Ponce de Leon Middle School PTSA, Coral Gables Preparatory Academy PTSA, George Washington Carver Elementary School PTA and Sunset Elementary School PTA.

The forum will be moderated by Samuel Joseph, Education, Museums, and Political Affairs Consultant and former Chair of the City’s School Community Relations Committee.

To register for the Zoom link, please visit:


10 thoughts on “First Candidate Forum Set For Thursday (3/2)

  1. I saw the debate and have concluded that Castro Group IV has my vote. Like Ariel, she has no developer $$$$$. Bucello and Ivette will just agree to whatever lago and the developers want because of the money they’ve received. We need people who care for the community. Not Puppets!!!!

  2. Baffled, if you did a public records request on Ariel’s communication with the City, you would find anything but civil and respectful communication. I have posed these questions and he will not answer:

    Will you rubber stamp Lago?
    What do you think your role is in ensuring staff is not slandered/defamed while implementing your funded initiatives?
    What do you think staff does well?
    How do you feel about special projects being funded from the dais rather than budget process?

    The GGG Candidate Forum is here:

    I also posted the event on Nextdoor.

  3. it is time to have fresh, honest and transparent commissioners in Coral Gables that do what they say they will do. Besides the fact that I agree with his positions, the simple fact that Ariel Fernandez has not taken one cent from developers or special interest, unlike the rest of the commissioners and ofcourse Mayor Lago, immediately gains my trust. Residents, we get what we vote for, so Ariel has my vote 100%

  4. A perfect opportunity to listen to the candidates. I must say though, Ariel will hit the ground running having been doing investigative reporting of the inside workings and issues in Coral Gables for YEARS. Ariel will be a voice for residents- what the Commission is supposed to be. And based on what he has done thus far – not afraid to ask and explore the tough questions, hold folks accountable, seek info for informed decision making, all while doing so in a civil and respectful manner. It’s time to continue to have more transparency in City Hall.

  5. I would vote for Lago again as well as BUCELO after checking both candidates backgrounds Good luck Alex!

  6. Thanks for letting me know. I had not heard of this one…only the Chamber’s and the GGG’s receptions at UM and the Museum. Jeannett

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