CGPD Arrests Attorney Suspected In Conjunction With String Of Bank Robberies, Including 4 In Coral Gables

On Tuesday, Oct. 20th, the City of Coral Gables Police arrested Aaron P. Honaker, a Coral Gables attorney, and he now faces federal charges for at least five bank robberies. He was turned over to the FBI, as bank robberies fall under federal jurisdiction.

Honaker, a graduate of Wake Forest University undergrad and Duke University Law school, is listed as an attorney at Coral Gables law firm, Martinez Morales.

*CORRECTION: Although the Florida Bar had Honacker listed as an attorney at Martinez Morales at the time of publishing, Martinez Morales has informed us that Honacker has not worked there in over two years.

He is believed to be involved in robberies at the Citibank at 396 Alhambra Circle on September 30th, the Wells Fargo at 2555 Ponce De Leon Blvd on October 5th, the HSBC at 2222 Ponce De Leon Blvd on October 15th, the Chase at 355 Alhambra Circle on October 19th and a Chase bank in Aventura.

CGPD released the following release on the arrest:

On October 20th, 2020 Detective Sergeant Nguyen who was driving in the downtown area of Coral Gables observed an individual matching the description of the subject wanted in previous bank robberies which the City of Coral Gables Police Department was working on cooperatively with the
FBI. With the assistance of other Coral Gables Police Units, a surveillance of the subject was established.

At the direction of the Sergeant, the individual was taken into custody without incident just before he could enter a bank. All evidence obtained from the individual was turned over to the FBI which will pursue federal charges for the numerous bank robberies believed to have been committed by Honaker.

“The actions of Sergeant Nguyen as well as that his Unit, along with members of the FBI and other Police Departments to apprehend the individual before he could strike again is a true testament to the dedication and cooperation between law enforcement agencies,” said City of Coral Gables Police Chief, Edward J. Hudak, Jr.

“I am proud of the efforts and initiative of our officers and the FBI in safely arresting this individual before anyone one else’s safety was put in jeopardy.”

Mayor Raul Valdes-Fauli released the following statement on the arrest:

“I salute the Coral Gables Police Department on their excellent work in helping apprehend alleged bank robber Aaron Honaker. Honaker is suspected of committing a series of bank robberies including four in Coral Gables. And, I especially commend Sgt. Nguyen for his astuteness. His work prevented what could have been a fifth robbery in our City. We are pleased that the suspect was apprehended without incident.

We are proud of our Police Department and the great work they do to keep our community safe.”


11 thoughts on “CGPD Arrests Attorney Suspected In Conjunction With String Of Bank Robberies, Including 4 In Coral Gables

  1. I think that the reason for using the photo of this lawyer/bank robber as a lawyer, is to highlight the interesting contrast between what is supposed to be an honorable and well remunerated career and his crime. A coral Gables lawyer graduated in great school, a bank robber?!

  2. He’s just doing what some of ’em do already. Makes for a great story to see him in the coat and tie, white or black.

  3. Please, Mr. Rizzo, that’s not a mug shot. It’s from the suspect’s former firm’s web site. And he won’t get “white privilege.” This will be a federal prosecution for bank robbery. He is facing many years in federal prison. Glad no one was hurt in the arrest or the bank robberies. Excellent work (once again) by the CGPD.

  4. Looking at this photo one might think he’s the attorney represented the subject, but he’s the subject.

  5. Will the White privilege ever end? I mean come on now look at the mug shot. I bet he’ll get 2 jellos on jello day too. Despicable just Despicable.

  6. I fail to see an ‘advantage’ of a ‘dignified photo’ of ANY law breaker regardless of ethnicity or the meaning behind such a distinction. Kudos to Coral Gables Police!

  7. After reading the resume of this individual , graduated from Duke University,, one of the best law schools
    In the country, having worked in two prestigious law firms, just getting away with a total of $1850 in 2 out of 5 robberies, it is more than obvious this person has a serious mental illness ; possible Bipolar disease without treatment, AND a drug addiction for sure. There was no blood, no guns involved in any robbery…a typical sick mind. It is a real pity…but will have to pay the price for his actions.

  8. Hello.
    I am wondering if you would have used a similar dignified business photo if this robber was a Black man. Just some food for thought when you represent the next robber who isn’t as crisp and white as this one.

    Thank you for always keeping your unbiased reporting aa the cornerstone of your practice.

  9. So proud of our Police Department! So surprised that someone with such an education would steep so low! Congratulations to our police for their continued good work! I have much gratitude for their vigilance!

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