City Hires New Historic Resources & Cultural Arts Director From Miami

The City of Coral Gables is quickly becoming a place for City of Miami employees to find new pastures.

Both City Manager, Peter Iglesias, and Assistant City Manager, Ed Santamaria, are former City of Miami employees. Santamaria even boasted about Coral Gables being a home for exiled City of Miami employees at the last City Commission meeting.

The latest new hire is Warren Adams, the City of Miami’s Historic Preservation Officer. He held that position for over three and a half years. He will be filling the role vacated by Dona Spain who retired several months ago, after 23 years with the City.

In addition to Iglesias and Santamaria, Adams joins Public Works Director Hermes Diaz, Deputy Director of Development Services Devin Cejas, Assistant Public Works Director of Capital Improvements Jose Oliveros as former City of Miami employees in key Coral Gables roles.

He is slated to begin working for the City next week.


7 thoughts on “City Hires New Historic Resources & Cultural Arts Director From Miami

  1. Another “newcomer” to our City Beautiful an exile from the City of Miami? They have destroyed properties that should have been preserve to built a concrete jungle along Brickell, downtown Miami, Biscayne Blvd, Bayshore Drive, etc., etc. We need in Gables Government people/employees that really care about our people & its residents and will not try to make our city into another Brickell or “Manhattan”.

  2. …and what a completely unprofessional way to handle the process of replacing a 15 year employee who has worked tirelessly in the last year and more under the most extraordinary, difficult and stressful conditions. She was the last to know she had been replaced and she heard it through the “grapevine.” I guess that’s the way they do it at the City of Miami.

  3. The saga continues! A city that prides itself in being different and that claims to be very interested in protecting our history and our traditions has, in recent years, become the refuge for City of Miami high ranking employees whom for whatever reasons need to leave that employment. Perhaps someone with time in their hands should google their names to see why the floodgates have opened! There may be some information available in the Community Newspapers, blogs, etc. If anyone knows Al Crespo, who used to have a blog, may try to reach out to him because he may be a good resource to find out what is going on.
    I wouldn’t be concerned about this except that coming from such a different community they seem to not understand how we do things in the Gables, especially as it relates to the way our residents expect to be treated. Yes, that is a very common complaint in our City Beautiful. Lack of institutional history is another one, new hires often try to re-invent the wheel because they have no clue what has been tried before and failed!
    By the way, the list is far from complete. Our Finance Director also came from Miami, but before the present onslaught.
    Anything wrong with the idea of promoting from within?

  4. What happened to Kara? She was doing a great job! Kara is an asset to the City of Coral Gables.

  5. The City of Miami has destroyed many of it’s historic structures (Brickell mansions, Downtown historic buildings, etc..), to become the concrete jungle that no one wants to inhabit. Not to mention the bureaucratic mess that the City of Miami has become. Have we let a fox into our hen house?

  6. Oh, great, just what we need – employees who perfected the art of corruption from Joe Carollo, Alex de la Portilla, et al.

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