City of Coral Gables Names New Assistant Director of Public Works for Greenspace Management

Official City of Coral Gables Notice

The City of Coral Gables has promoted Deena Bell-Llewellyn to Assistant Director of Public Works for Greenspace Management. She joined the city four years ago as a Landscape Architect, spearheading the maintenance of infrastructure and worked on initiatives to improve, greenspace design and maintenance within this division of the Public Works Department. She has more than 30-years’ experience as a licensed landscape architect, working at various landscape architecture firms, including her own company in Miami.

“Deena has been an integral part of our team, applying her private and public sector expertise to improve the quality of life for residents,” said City Manager Peter Iglesias. “I am confident that as the leader of our greenspace management initiatives, she will continue to enhance the canopy and parkland that has made Coral Gables world-famous.”

Bell-Llewellyn began her service with the city in 2017 following Hurricane Irma, assisting in leading the Public Works Department’s efforts to recover integral tree canopy and greenspaces damaged by the natural disaster. In her new role, she will lead the city’s urban forestry services, greenspace management, and landscape design.  

Throughout the years, she has been recognized for her work including receiving numerous design awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects and is listed as one of the Top 50 Coastal Landscape Architects by Ocean Home Magazine. She is committed to her profession and the community and has been active in several organizations including The American Society of Landscape Architects, the Miami Beach Design Review Board, The Rotary Club of Coral Gables, The Villagers Historic Preservation Organization, and Citizens for a Better South Florida.

She holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia School of Environment and Design.


4 thoughts on “City of Coral Gables Names New Assistant Director of Public Works for Greenspace Management

  1. I’ve lived almost 30 years in CG, and have never seen a CG person trimming the trees on the swales of my street. Not long ago, I called and complained and a fellow (CG employee with duties concerning trees) came out, looked at my trees, and said “we only cut off the dead branches”!! My neighborhood
    badly needs professional evaluation and proper tree trimming, so get with it Ms. Deena!

  2. Congrats on your new appointment. We are hoping with your expertise and sensitivity you can help with a campaign to bring awareness to the toxicity of leaf blowers & over fertilization of public & private properties in CG. Also, never forgetting the importance of the the pollinators. With these initiatives I strongly feel this is one of the most important investments one can make to insure a promising future for Coral Gables.

  3. Wish she would get us the trees in our neighborhood that have been promised for many years. We are still sweltering here with no tree canopy and none possible with the few trees/ inappropriate trees planted in Gables by the Sea. Our air conditioning and water bills are exorbitant, and walking in the neighborhood from April to November is impossible in the 120 degree heat coming off the exposed pavement. The latest promise 2 years ago was gumbo limbo trees to shade Lugo and stop the severe erosion of the soil next to the north side of the road. Still nothing. All the “green” talk is just lip service. I have to go to Pinecrest to get some shade to ride my bike. Pinecrest employees are super responsive, have made Pinecrest one of the shadiest, greenest and most valuable areas in South Dade and they do not have the huge pensions Coral Gables employees have. We need some accountability.

  4. City Coral Gables. Miami-County’s an sanctuary of the garbage & recycling collection make manual an modern slavery paid by a fee indirect tax of its residents $ 860 per year a double taxation property & not refundable an atrocity of federal virus bat infection human 2019 against of life & health of the workers.

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