City of Coral Gables Wants Access To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine


Gables Insider has confirmed that the City of Coral Gables is seeking state approval to gain access and distribute COVID-19 vaccines beyond its first responders.

Will Coral Gables residents get priority? Probably not. According to Governor Ron DeSantis, distribution of COVID-19 vaccines cannot have geographic preference, meaning if Coral Gables was granted distribution, it would not be only for Coral Gables. Many Miami-Dade residents have been given the vaccine across county lines.

We will update this story as we receive new information.


13 thoughts on “City of Coral Gables Wants Access To Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine

  1. On Jan 10th @9am, I got my vaccine at Jackson South. The staff was well organized, efficient and very professional. I was in and out within 30 mins. My thanks to all the workers.

  2. Good morning – great news – Mt. Sinai has started to make appointments for those over 65! Call 305-674-2298. Carla answered on the first ring!

  3. Alina can’t go to a site to get the vaccine, she is 77 years old and has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

  4. I just hope that Gables residents won’t be funding a vaccination location that will end up vaccinating a bunch of affluent Canadians and Brazilians.

  5. As an RN I would advise against going to Jackson South for the vaccine . On Saturday , January 9th I found the facility to be VERY overcrowded . It’s in a small low ceiling room with little ventilation & dozens of people .

  6. For over 65 try going to Baptist Hospital Hilton the last hour of the day. If they have extra vaccines defrosted for the day, they will use it on any senior in line.
    You may have to go ba k the next day but it’s eorth trying. Good luck.

  7. Como puedo tener la vacuna mi esposo de 67 años y mi persona de 60 años soy residente de coral gables

  8. To my Coral Gables neighbors. Today I made an appointment for my mother at Mount Sinai, Miami Beach by calling 305-674-2298. Please continue calling until someone answers. Also note, CVS and Publix already have information about covid vaccinations on their websites. They will possibly be distributing them soon. Hope it’s helpful.

  9. My husband and I in our 70 s have no success getting the vaccine
    Would be great if we could get it in gabled

  10. Over 65 can get vaccine at Mount Sinai Medical Center by callung for appointment at 305-674-2312. It may take a week to get a call back for an appointment. My wife and I got our first shit on Sunday and they dcheduled us for Feb 7 already fir the second one. Process very well managed. No side effects so far. We recrived the Moderna vaccine.

  11. With all due respect to Governor DeSantis, is not a matter of geographic preference, it’s a matter of senior citizens (like me and my wife) that have unsuccessfully tried to get vaccinated through the Miami Dade system. However, we have seen people from other states, or even from other countries get successfully vaccinated…

  12. It would be great to have access to COVID – 19 vaccination on our CG neighborhood. My wife and I (69 Yrs old) have been trying to get an appointment to get vaccinated with no luck…

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