First Commission meeting of 2021 – Tuesday 1/12/21

The first commission meeting of 2021 will be next Tuesday, January 12th.

Click Here for a Copy of the Agenda

Meeting starts at 9am and the public can view and participate via Zoom.

Agenda Highlights:

  • Coral Gables Country Club agrees to refund back deposits for non-profits and re-structures their unpaid rent to the city exceeding $90,000 through August 1, 2021.
  • Does new development affect traffic? The Transportation Advisory Board thinks so. They will be appearing before the city commission to have their board weigh in on development projects and how it will affect the city’s transportation and traffic.  Will the city commission allow them to be part of the process?  
  • Will oysters help water quality in Coral Gables Waterways? Item G-2 presentation to reestablish native oysters to combat nutrient pollution in the Coral Gables Waterway.
  • Mayor Valdes-Fauli is sponsoring a resolution urging the Bahamian Government to revoke offshore drilling exploration licenses permanently and ban offshore drilling activities in the Bahamas.
  • Miracle Mile Development: City Attorney wants to hire expert legal counsel Thomas F. Magenheimer of Quinlivan Appraisal, P.A. to perform any appraisal work, int eh contact of the Bert J. Harris, Jr. Private Property Rights Protection Act that may be advisable with regard to potential zoning proposals for properties fronting Miracle Mile.

1 thought on “First Commission meeting of 2021 – Tuesday 1/12/21

  1. Make the changes that Vince Lago and Rhonda Anderson recommend. Do not allow increased height but make minor zoning changes to make our historic miracle Mile updated and user-friendly without big business and big developers.

    Myself and my family have been residents of Coral Gables for 25 years. We live in Gables by the sea in South Gables. It is a planned trip to drive the half hour in traffic to get to downtown but always worth it.

    We have an unmatched unique location with proximity to Miami, Coconut Grove, the airport with a group of businesses in the downtown area of mixed use that is unmatched anywhere in our travels around the world in the United States.

    To make these changes during Covid when business and retail has changed dramatically, would be creating a white elephant for the future. No one can see what the future looks like with these businesses until things start to reopen and people can move about freely.

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