City Playgrounds Re-Open

After six months of closure to comply with Miami-Dade County Emergency Orders, playgrounds and outdoor fitness equipment in Coral Gables parks reopened this past Saturday.

The City’s Community Recreation department set the following parameters:

To stay safe we need you to play safe and comply with the following guidelines:

• Wear a face covering at all times.

• Maintain six feet physical distance from others.

• Wash with soap and water and sanitize hands frequently.

• Bring your own hand sanitizer and wipes.

• Avoid large gatherings.

• Come back another time if the playground is full.

• Stay home if you feel sick.

High touch surfaces will be disinfected daily to comply with Miami Dade County guidelines. Playgrounds and fitness equipment will not be disinfected between uses and should therefore be used cautiously and at your own risk. Do your part to follow these rules to keep your community safe and your playgrounds open! Failure to comply may result in the temporary closure of playgrounds and parks.

The following parks with playgrounds and fitness equipment have reopened:

• Betsy Adams and the Coral Gables Garden Club Park at 4650 Alhambra Circle

• Coral Bay Park at 1590 Campamento Avenue

• Coral Gables War Memorial Youth Center at 405 University Drive

• Jaycee Park at 1230 Hardee Rd.• Majorca Park at 937 Majorca Avenue

• Marlin Park at 6540 Marlin Drive• Phillips Park at 90 Menores Avenue

• Pierce Park at 101 Oak Avenue

• Rotary Centennial Park at 512 Ponce De Leon Blvd.

• Salvadore Park at 1120 Andalusia Avenue

• Sunrise Harbor Park at 25 Sunrise Avenue

• William H. Kerdyk, Jr., and Family Park at 6611 Yumuri Street

• Ingraham Park at 4751 West Ingraham Terr.

• Venetia Park at 1047 Venetia Avenue

• Catalonia Park at 807 Catalonia Avenue


2 thoughts on “City Playgrounds Re-Open

  1. This is quite ridiculous, I understand business to be reopen because people need to survive, the economy depends on it, even gyms. But what is the excuse to open playgrounds? Kids are sad to see it closed??? they are touching everything at all time, then they touch their parents and grandparents. Not even If you plan to clean every hour it will avoid any contamination. We’ve been going to the park regularly and playing ball, riding bikes, running around, picking an empty space in the grass and respecting the distance, that is more than enough. There is so little to gain with this decision and soooo much to lose.

  2. My wife and I walked by Salvatore Park yesterday. There were little kids, under three years old, playing on the walkways inside the park. At the same time there were older children racing on their bikes and scooters, often looking back at the other racers, on the same walkways.
    This is a bad accident waiting to happen.

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