Poll Results to City: Do Something About Halloween

Last week we invited our readers to participate in a poll regarding Halloweens. With over 150 responses including comments and emails, 77% believe the City of Coral Gables should do something to address the safety of Halloween.

Specifically, homeowners in the well-known Santa Maria Street area that draws well over a thousand trick-or-treaters object to allowing trick-or-treating as normal and want to be heard. This historic street traditionally draws families from all over Coral Gables as historic mansions and professional decorations line up the street.

Participating homeowners spend thousands on candy and decorations however this year, they have concerns due to the spread of COVID-19.

One Santa Maria resident who wished to remain anonymous commented, “As a long-standing Santa Maria resident, I vote to follow CDC guidelines & keep our families & neighbors safe. Allowing trick or treating on Santa Maria Street would be a COVID health risk as well as unnecessary exposure during these hard economic times.”

The next city commission meeting is scheduled just weeks before Halloween on October 13th at 9:00am. We will continue to follow and report on any decisions impacting this year’s festivities.


6 thoughts on “Poll Results to City: Do Something About Halloween

  1. The overwhelming comments of those who live on Santa Maria Street have voiced an opinion to not observe the trick-or-treating traditions as is normally observed on Halloween. That is freedom of choice. And Gables Insider is choosing to highlight the minority opinion, most likely coming from those who DO NOT live on Santa Maria Street. Either way, should the festivity move forward as if there were no pandemic, rest assured that the lion’s share of residents will not be opening our doors. Wasted expenses will ensue because vandalism will most certainly result. Part of being free is being smart.

  2. Agree with Cristina. Let those who wish to participate do so. No need to mandate one way or the other. Freedom to choose.

  3. I don’t believe in hiding indefinitely because of an unknown. This is a personal matter for each family to consider, and once decided, each family should do what they deem best. Yes there are families that have members whose health is compromised. There are also others that have perfect health. Each family should do what’s best for their circumstance. So, bottom line? Allow Halloween to go on for those that chose to participate.

  4. If course live you live but teach your children to respect people that choose not to participate this year. I have a 97 year old relative that lives with me and I am taking no chances.
    I usually get dressed up on Halloween to pass out the treats. One year I had the flu and was not able to do it. There were no decorations on the lawn or front porch lights. Someone egged my house others yelled and kept ringing the bell and knocking on the front door that it was their right to get candy. That is not acceptable behavior. The community is Gables by the Sea.
    Please address this at your meeting.
    Thank you

  5. Fine it you are young. I have a 97 year old at my house and prefer not to take chances. I enjoy Halloween greatly. I dress up in a costume and hand out candy.
    I hope that the parents will teach their children not to egg any houses that do not respond to the child call as they did one year that I had the flu. There were clues. No front door lights were on and no Halloween decorations. I agree live but do not destroy people’s home that do not feel comfortable this year in enjoying the festivities.
    Thank you.
    I live in Gables by the Sea.

  6. Don’t let a virus rule your lives! Be safe, but live your lives! Go Trick-or-Treating! LIVE!

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