City To Hold Vaccination Event Friday

Ariel Fernandez

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The City of Coral Gables will be partnering with the State of Florida to hold a pop-up vaccination event on Friday September 10th from 1:00PM to 5:00PM at the Coral Gables Branch Library parking lot.

The vaccination site will not require appointments and will provide the Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer vaccines.

Pfizer booster vaccines will also be available for those who are eligible under the CDC guidelines.

“Achieving high vaccinations rates is key to help stop the spread. In addition to the Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson first vaccine dosage, the Pfizer booster will also be available for all those that are immunocompromised.” said the City’s press communication.


6 thoughts on “City To Hold Vaccination Event Friday

  1. Missed Opportunity. The 25% unvaccinated fomented the Delta spread. The government should have made all the government aide contingent with vaccination. More, or most, freeloaders would have gotten their jabs. Still not too late. No vaccine, no handouts.

  2. Great idea but poor execution. Excruciatingly slow. Only one person doing intake. Would have been many more vaccinated if run better. People can’t wait hours in line during the business day. Saw many folks leave.

  3. Third shot doses misleading vaccine coming to USA remain under federal coup Jan 6, 2021, Wear Mask to Save Ourselves & Children from attack us by human crime 1st & 2nd Shot doses vaccines foreign of emergency approved by FDA federal Nazi is testing in pregnancy did not immunize them so increase infecting & dangerous 3rd shot will not work for immunize from virus bio-lab mutant to infecting only human forever was it spreading by unaccountable Dr. Fauci bat virus murders on US 700K to cover bipartisan general election 2020 by its statutory method of suppression in impersonate vote drop box mail felony did not victory to any candidates 2020. USA for National Security have to expel usurpers from Federal coup Jan 6, 2021 it’s necessary to a free state must requires that US JCS Military & WR Militias to call update news general Election Day by ID voters resident cast your optional secret vote will only inside polls for suffrage. It’s fundamental for freedom & justice from 1776. Or USA is break up.

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